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Major Modeling Project
Mathematical Modeling - Fall 200?



      An abstract is a short note describing a much larger work.  For example, an abstract of a doctoral dissertation would define the problem, express the research methods used, state the major findings and their significance (or lack of significance).  Abstracts are honest advertisements--explaining what the work is, and what it is not, while simultaneously convincing the reader that the work is important.
     Your abstract must clearly define your problem, model and solution; give any relevant definitions; state the methods of data collection and explain why the problem is interesting.  The abstract must be typed, the body must be double-spaced (which is difficult to illustrate on a web page), and follow the format of this example page.  (For example, the three lines under the title are single spaced and the word abstract is underlined.)  The abstract should be at most two pages long; one page is preferable.  Examples of abstracts from previous terms are available.
     When grading your abstract I will look for three things: correctness, conciseness and proper mechanics.  (Proper mechanics includes being submitted on time, correct typing, spacing, and grammar.)  Of these three, proper mechanics is the least important.