The first few million primes 
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In this directory I have the first few million primes.  Because of repeated requests, I do have them available here, but it would be best if you did not download them (and instead ran a program on your own computer to find these primes).

Note: This is just a mirror site, do not link to this page.  There are even more primes listed at the original site (
filefirst primelast prime
The first million 2 15,485,863
The second million 15,485,867 32,452,843
The third million 32,452,867 49,979,687
The fourth million 49,979,693 67,867,967
The fifth million 67,867,979 86,028,121
The sixth million 86,028,157 104,395,301
The seventh million 104,395,303 122,949,823
The eighth million 122,949,829 141,650,939
The ninth million 141,650,963 160,481,183
The tenth million 160,481,219 179,424,673
The eleventh million 179,424,691 198,491,317
The twelfth million 198,491,329 217,645,177
The thirteenth million 217,645,199 236,887,691
The fourteenth million 236,887,699 256,203,161
The fifteenth million 256,203,221 275,604,541
For about ten years I resisted placing large files of primes on the Prime Pages because I see it as a waste of bandwidth.  Programs can find them far faster than they can be downloaded.  So instead I linked to others who had such files.  But these sites kept disappearing and the requests for the primes did not.  So here they are.  Besides, downloading primes is a better use of bandwidth then much of the downloading done across the network.

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