"The only thing you take with you when you're gone is what you leave behind."  -John Allston


















Grandchildren are wonderful!

AJ & Sammie belong to Jeff and Bobbi- he is 3 yrs she is 3 months. Hannah belongs to Jon and Joy- she is almost 1 year old.









AJ & Samantha Renee












Cruise 1998
Cris  & Suzan
Bryan, Ben, Jeff, Jonathan








































Jeff Wolski and wife,  Bobbi. Parents of AJ & Samantha. Both are graduates of UTM.









Bryan  Wolski is a musician and lives in Nashville. He married Cassi Capps in December, 2006. I need a new picture!
























Jonathan Wolski, daughter Hannah, and wife, Joy. Jon is a graduate of UTM.









Ben Wolski is a UTM graduate and works at WLJT


















Suzan Wolski -Pre-vet at UTM