CWW helps faculty members provide course information over the World Wide Web. This information may include a SYLLABUS, ASSIGNMENTS, ANNOUNCEMENTS, LINKS that faculty feel are related to the course subject matter, DISCUSSIONS related to the course, and LIBRARY ACCESS to on-line materials. The content is under the control of the instructor and can be changed by them at any time. Both instructors and students can contribute to the discussions, and the instructors have the ability to maintain the discussion items



1. Click on the CLASSES button.

2. To view class information select the course from the list.

3. To send e-mail directly to the instructor click on the instructor's name.

4. Clicking on the CWW banner at the top of most pages will return you to this page.


1. Click on the DEVELOPMENT button to create or modify course materials, or change passwords, a userid and password are necessary.

2. Contact Otha Britton at (901) 587-7890 if you need to have them established.

3. While in the development environment clicking on [?] will yield information on the item in question.

4. If you wish to try out CWW without setting up a permanent account go to the TEST site. Use fac_smith as a userid and smith as the password. Anything created under this id will be periodically deleted.

Other CWW Sites

The University of Missouri - St. Louis would be pleased to share CWW with other educational institutions. If you are interested please contact Larry Pickett at (314) 516-6011 by phone or e-mail(Larry_PIckett@umsl.edu).