This web-based tutorial is intended to be a teaching tool to aid in the development of a fine crafts aesthetic appreciation and awareness.  The contemporary clay artists, Linda Arbuckle and Jack Troy will be a primary focal points of this study. The important contemporary clay artists Chris Staley, Jeff Oestreich, Ron Meyers, Suzanne Stephenson and David McBeth will also be featured.  Follow along on a journey through a series of wonderful clay vessels, learn some clay history and technique but most importantly, contemporary thought on the incredible world of fine craft pottery as expressed by the words and work on these artists.

Thumbnail photos of the pottery

What does aesthetics mean?

Making critical evaluation about these pots will help you begin to understand how and why you think about fine crafts pottery.  Look at these illustrations. Give some time and thought them and then respond to me by email to the following questions...  (Copy the questions and paste them into your email so you can respond to them more conveniently)

link to David McBeth's home page