Kristen Austin

Growing up, I have always enjoyed following politics. Both my parents are interested in politics, and my family has helped campaign in several local elections. My senior year in high school, I worked on a "mock presidential campaign". Participating in this helped me understand the political stands of both the Republican and Democratic parties.

I tend to lean toward the Republican philosophy. I believe in smaller government with fewer social programs. I also believe that most Republican politicians tend to be more oriented toward the personal values I hold true.

Although I recognize that all politicians have their faults, I feel that Dole is most in line with my beliefs. Dole has high morals and a good character. In all of his years in politics, he has not been involved in any scandals. Clinton, however, has been involved in many investigations and scandals in just his 4 years in a national office. I also believe that Dole's experience in Congress would help him work with Congress to get more bills passed. Even though I suspect Dole will probably not win, I feel it is important for all Americans to express their views and to exercise their right to vote.