French 342 - Advanced Compositon
Lesson List for Spring 2010

Dans le Vent (=D), French Grammar (=F)
All of our planned activities are subject to change. Keep posted on this web page


Jan. 20: course intro, diagnostic essay
Jan. 22:  D126-30, F70-78
Feb. 1: 21 D134-37, F78-83
Feb. 3: D131-33
Feb. 5: D135-39
Feb. 8: D135-39
Feb. 10: test, essay 6
Feb. 12: D144-46, F84-89
Feb. 15: D147-49
Feb. 17: D150-51
Feb. 19: D152-54, F90-93
Feb. 22: D154-57
Feb. 24: D157-59
Feb. 26: test, essay 7
Mar. 1: D162-68
Mar. 3: D168-71, F169-76
Mar. 5: D171-73
Mar. 8: D174-76, F176-81
Mar. 10: D176-78
Mar. 12:
Mar. 15: Spring Break (no class)
Mar. 17: Spring Break (no class)
Mar. 19: Spring Break (no class)
Mar. 22: essay 8
Mar. 24: test
Mar. 26: D180-85, F182-86
Mar. 29: D180-85
Mar. 31: D186-90, F186-90
Apr. 2: Good Friday (no class)
Apr. 5: D190-92
Apr. 7: D193-98, F190-95
Apr. 9: test, essay 9
Apr. 12: D200-204 Apr. 14: D205-10, F195-98 Apr. 16: D216-18, F207-209
Apr. 19: D211-14
Apr. 21: D214-15, F199-207
Apr. 23: D216-18, F207-209
Apr. 26: test, essay10 Apr. 28: F213-16 TBA topic
Apr. 30: F216-24 TBA topic
May. 3: D235-38 TBA topic

Final exam TBA

Learning Objects
The following turtorial grammar links lead to alternate lessons on the specific grammar topics covered in your French Grammar book (=F), and distributed for your mastery while we are covering specific chapters of the textbook: Dans le Vend (=D).

narrative, tenses-1, tenses2,
D ch. 6
F70-83, F70-83a, prepositions with infinitives,
D ch. 7
F83-86, F83-86a, F86-88, F86-88a, F89, F90-91, F90-91a, F91-92,
D ch. 8 F168-69, 169-72, 169-72a, F168-75F177-78F178-81, F178-81a,
D ch. 9 F182-83, F183-84, F185-86, F188-90, F190-94, F194-95,
D ch. 10 F195-207, F195-207a, F195-207b, F195-207c, F195-207d, F195-207eF178-207fF178-207g F207-208,
D ch. 11 F208-10, F208-10a, F213-16, F213-16a, F213-16b, F213-16c, F216-18, F216-18a, F218-21, F221-22, F222-24, F222-24a,

The following theme and vocabulary links, listed by chapter in Dans le Vent,  lead to alternative parallel theme and grammar lessons.

D. ch. 6
fruits, légumes, nourriture1, nourriture2, table et servicevacances, guide-hôtelshôtellerie et restauration, food videos,
D. ch. 7 politesse, juron, révolution sexuelle, relationa humaines, vidéo1, vidéo2, vidéo3, vidéo4
D. ch. 8 sport, vocabulairelexique,  vidéos: hockeyhockey sur gazonTour de Francefootball,
D. ch. 9 loisirs, télévision, dessin, musique, bricolage, randonnée, cinéma, lecture, gastronomie, jeux de cartes, jeux de société,
D. ch. 10 eurobanque, business vocabulary, entretien d'embauche,
D. ch. 11