State and Local Foreign Language Standards

We note and caution that not all of these were designed for the same purpose. They are named "curriculum frameworks", "content and learning standards", "benchmarks" among others. Not all are of the same vintage. Investigation will bear out that the organizing committees are not composed in like fashion, nor are they given identical charges, and closeness to the national standards ranges widely. The following four documents may help to detail some of our general notions about national standards:

I have begun to add local documents to the mix. They do bear witness of continuous activity in the foreign-language standards mouvement. In almost every instance, titles are drawn from the web pages themselves. I strongly encourage researchers to look at the following sites:

The first is the product of a regional research organization, the second shows how children an military families are assessed, and the third joins the Federal Government's chief language assessment tool with those of the ACTFL, the Public Service Commission of Canada, and the Association of Language Testers in Europe. The fourth is an article on standards and teaching culture, the fifth is the ERIC/CLL collection of documents on Foreign Language standards, and the last is an April 2000 report comparing state with national world-language standards.

Alabama Learning Exchange - Foreign Languages

Alaska Content Standards for World Languages

Alaska World Languages Frameworks - Table of Contents

Arizona Department of Education Foreign Language Standards

Arkansas Foreign Language Curriculum Framework (PDF file)

California Language Standards (draft interim content and performance standards)

Colorado Model Content Standards - Foreign Language (PDF file)

The Connecticut Framework K-12 Curricular Goals and Standards - World Languages, etc.

State of Delaware Foreign Languages Curriculum Framework Content Standards

Sunshine State Standards (see 4 PDF documents under "Foreign Languages")

Florida Foreign Languages Grades 9-12 (Sunshine State Standards)

Georgia QCC Standards & Resources (Search for "Foreign Languages" by level)

Georgia Department of Education Curriculum Guides (Search for "Foreign Languages" by level)

Hawaii Content and Performance Standards (PDF file)

Hawaii Content and Performance Standards - World Languages (

Idaho Standards for Foreign Language Teachers (Draft)

Illinois Foreign Language Learning Standards

Illinois: Foreign Language (State Goals 28-30

Illinois State Board of Education Foreign Language Performance Descriptors (PDF)

Indiana Academic Standards for World Languages

Iowa Foreign Language Standards (not online, but available on CD ROM for school districts

Kansas Curricular Standards for Foreign Language (PDF)

Kansas Foreign Language Standards for Students

Kentucky Standards (no foreign language standards)

Louisiana Foreign Language Content Standards

Maine Modern and Classical Languages Learning Results

Guidelines for the Implementation of K-12 Modern and Classical Languages

Looking for Maryland State Foreign Language Standards

Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks - Foreign Languages (PDF file)

Massachusetts World Languages Curriculum Framework (1996)

Michigan World Languages Content Standards and Benchmarks (PDF file)

High School Content Standard for World Languages (Minnesota)

Primary Content Standard World Language (Minnesota)

Intermediate Content Standard World Language (Minnesota)

Middle-level Content Standard World Language (Minnesota)

Mississippi Foreign Language Curriculum Framework, 2000

Missouri Foreign Language Standards

Montana Standards for World Languages (PDF file)

Nebraska he FOREIGN LANGUAGE FRAMEWORKS (click on PDF file)

Nevada Foreign Language Standards

New Hampshire Guidelines for World Languages Learning

New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards for World Languages

New Jersey World Languages Curriculum Framework

New Jersey Standards in World Language Education

New Mexico Standards - Modern, Classical, and Native Languages

Languages Other than English (New York)

Languages Other than English Resource Guide (New York)

North Carolina Second Language Studies Curriculum

North Carolina Public Schools Latin Curriculum

North Carolina Second Languages Curriculum

North Carolina Second Language Teaching Standards (Title II)

North Carolina Latin Curriculum

North Dakota Curriculum Content Standards (click PDF file "Foreign Languages")

Ohio Foreign Languages Curriculum Model Download (PDF file linked)

Foreign Languages: Ohio's Model Competency-Based Program

Oklahoma State Department of Edication World Languages

Oregon Second Language (World Language) Administrators Guide 2001-2002 (PDF)

Oregon State Foreign Language Standards

Oregon State Foreign Language Standards (multiple standards, PDF file)

Pennsylvania Proposed Academic Standards for World Languages (PDF file)

Rhode Island Frameworks TABLE OF CONTENTS (english & languages)


South Carolina Foreign Language Curriculum Standards


Tennessee Curriculum Framework for Classical and Modern Languages

Chapter 114, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Languages Other Than English

Utah Foreign Languages Core Curriculum

Utah Foreign Language Curriculum Courses

Vermont's Framework of Satandards and Learning Opportunities (including "Non-native Languages")

Virginia Foreign Language Standards of Learning

World Languages in Washington State

West Virginia - Middle Childhood and Adolescent Foreign Language Education

West Virginia Instructional Goals and Objectives: Foreign Language IGOs

Wisconsin Model Academic Standards for Foreign Languages (PDF file)

Wisconsin Foreign Language Education Standards for Learning Languages

Wyoming State Standards (choose the "Foreign Languages" PDF file)

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