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At the MLA of 1889 (held in Cambridge, MA). James Russell Lowell gave an address called "A Plea for the Modern Languages".  In it, Lowell suggested making national literatures the center of the study of modern languages. He believed that the study of languages in his day lacked an engaging focal point. It did not take long for this idea to catch on.

By 1900, in the US .034% of its residents held bachelor's degrees. In 2020, with literary studies still an important focus of college foreign language programs, 35% of US residents over 25 years of age held bachelor's degrees. As you might guess, the intervening 100 years saw an enormous change in the demography of the college student body. The interests and needs of students in this contemporary demography is not always reflected in the focus of college foreign-language programs, and they are disappearing. According to MLA survey results, we lost 671 of them between 2013 and 2016. While advocacy groups in world-language teaching associations are finding some success though revelation of the genuine usefulness of foreign-language skills, it is difficult to defend a discipline, where you begin by going to class 3, 4, or 5 times a week in order to learn to read, understand and analize canonical literary texts, sometimes with complex theoretical philosophy.

It is little wonder that there are a growing calls for a simpler, less synchronized approach of gaining individual and genuine proficiency in four-skills communication, and applying it to a wider range of real-world situations. Consequently, we are beginning to see hundreds of online world-language courses and programs, which will allow a more asynchronous approach to those interested in acquiring language skills. In addition, there has been a growth in dual and double majors with a focus on the Francophone world and career-oriented topics. In many cases, students are invited to assemble their own combination. I have listed only degrees, majors, minors and certificates including French, mentioned individually (those I can spot) below by state abbreviation. We have evidence that French students have been crafting  career-oriented study programs to go with their French

You Wouldn't Know They Majored in French

You will continue to see a diminishing number of programs with the title "French Language and Literature", which is itself a combination program.


French International Trade (Auburn University)

Dual Major in Business and FLL-French (University of Alabama)

Foreign Language and Global Engagement Certificate (Univ. of Alabama in Huntsville)

Foreign Language and International Trade Concentration (Univ. of Alabama in Huntsville)


Double Majors and Dual Degrees (Arizona State Univ.)


Double Majors and Dual Degrees (Arizona State Univ.)


International Business Concentration [in French] - California State University Fullerton

Minor in International Business (California State University at San Bernadino)

French Studies - Dual and Double Majors (Scripps College)

B.A. and Minor in French Studies (Univ. of California at Long Beach)

The International Business: French - San Diego State University

Minors for International Business Majors (San Jose State University)

French and Francophone Studies, Interdisciplinary Option, B.A. (Univ. of California at Long Beach)


Global Engineering RAP – University of Colorado, Boulder


French and African American Studies (Yale)

French Studies for the Global Community (University of Connecticut)

Technopole France - Our French International Engineering Program (UCONN)


BS in Business, Language, & Culture - American University

French Major with Business Coursework (Georgetown University)


French and Political Science (University of Delaware)

Minor in International Business and IB with Language (University of Deleware)


Major in a Language with Concentration in Business - Florida State University


Bachelor of Science in Applied Languages and Intercultural Studies - French (Georgia Teach)

Mod. Lang. Major with a French Concentration and Business Emphasis (B.A.) - Univ. of North Georgia

International Business - Wesslean College


Combined Degree Program (DePaul University)

French Commercial Studies - French & Italian, University of Illinois

Foreign Language and International Trade (Southern Illinois Univ. at Carbondale)


Minor in French for the Professions (Marian University)

Bachelor of Arts in French (International Studies Option) - [career oriented] Purdue-Calumet

Combine French (Valparaiso Univerity)


The Interdisciplinary French Studies Minor - University of Northern Iowa


Foreign Language and International Economics (University of Kentucky)

STEM + World Language (University of Kentucky)

International Business (Minor) - University of Louisville

Language Programs: International Business Major / Minor (Western Kentucky Univ.)


STEM + Languages → ∞ Possibilities (MIT)

French and International Economics (Suffolk University)

Fletcher’s Master of International Business - Tufts University

French Cultural Studies (Wellesley College)


French – Economics Dual Major (McDaniel College)


French Language and Culture for the Professions Major and Minor (Albion College)

French and International Business, BA/BBA (Andrews University, MI)

Engineering & French (Calvin University)

Languages and International Careers (Eastern Michigan University)

B.A. Language and International Business - Marygrove College


International Business - University of Minnesota


French for the Professions Undergraduate Certificate (Missouri State)

French Minor for the Professions (Truman State)


International Business - Appalachian University

France: Summer School in Science and Engineering (NC State University)


French, Professional French Translation Concentration (MA) - Montclair State University)

History / French Double Major (Rutgers University)


French Language and Business [option II]- Brooklyn College

Modern Languages - Dual/Double Major Options (Daemen College)

French Studies Major (Fordham University) - [7-track interdisciplinary]

Joint Degree in French Studies and Journalism (MA, NYU)

Dual Degree: MA in French Studies and MBA - NYU Graduate School of Arts & Science

Language, Culture and World Trade, BA – Pace University

History-Modern Languages Combined Majors (St Lawrence University)

International Economics-French Combined Major (St Laurence University)

Language and International Trade (SUNY Oswego)

Combined & accelerated degree: French & Business Administration [BA/MBA]. SUNY@Stonybrook


Double your Major, Double your Value (several Ohio State University)

Business French (University of Cincinatti) - Certificate prohgram

Minor in Business French - Kent State University

The BA/MBA Pipeline Program - Dept. of World Languages & Cultures (Univ. of Toledo)

International Business, BSB - Wright State University

Modern Language and International Economics (Xavier University)


International Business and Language Undergraduate Programs (Univ. of Tulsa)


International Business and Cultures (Arcadia University)

International Business, Language and Culture (Chestnut Hill College)

French and Francophone Studies (Penn State University)

Interdisciplinary Double Major (University of Pennsylvania)

International Engineering (BA/BS) - Dual degree, Widener University


International Engineering Program – University of Rhode Island


Language and International Business (B.A.) - Clemson University

Language and International Health (B.S.) – Clemson University


International Business - South Dakota State University


International Business Minor (Belmont University)

BA in Foreign Languages with BS in a STEM Discipline - Tennessee Tech

Language and World Business (University of Tennessee at Knoxville)

French and European Studies Major - French and Italian (Vanderbilt University)


International Business (University of Texas, Arlington)


French, Commercial Emphasis (BA) – Weber State University

French for the Professions (BA) - Weber State University


French and International Commerce- B.A. (Emory & Henry College)

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - International Business (Old Dominion Univ.)

Cross-School Majors: French-International Business (University of Richmond)

Advanced French for Business Minor (Virginia Tech)


Advanced French for Business Minor (University of Vermont)


B.A. in French Language/International Affairs (FLIA)

Certificate of International Studies in Business (University of Washington)


International Business and Language Area Studies (St. Norbert College)

Business French Minor - University of Wisconsin Milwaukee


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