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The following 265 links contain significant components of actual French courses, and in some cases whole course. They have been culled from all over the WWW, and there will likely be additions and deletions. This is not by any means an exhausive list, and I would caution that some of the best courses may well be hidden on Blackboard and WebCT servers. Current update began in March 2002.




Special Section on Business French

Lessons on Individual Topics

Here I have included lessons on a wide range of individual topics, a number of which are traditional for language and culture classes, and some of which belong more in the category now tagged "content" oriented (computer science, music, etc.). I may eventually move these to a page linked to this one to join the component breakdown of the whole courses listed above.

Focused Topics Pages

This section, under vigorous construction, offers pages focused on particular topics. The "Grammar" page, will, for instance, present links to instructional documents or activities devoted generally to single grammar topics, such as verb tenses. There will also be pages on other language concerns, such as speaking, or cultural topics

Tests, Quizzes and Questionnaires

Multi-functional Educational Sites in French

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