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Survey of French Literature-1

Prof. TennesseeBob Peckham (427E Humanities -Tel. 7424. Home 587-6562. e-mail: I strongly encourage use of my virtual or e-mail office any time of day or night.

GOALS - Learn ways to approach literary masterpieces by reading and studying a significantly wide variety of French literary works from the Middle ages through the Enlightenment, along with some historical and critical studies. Know the chronological outline of French literature, the names and descriptions of major French literary genres, and understand how the French developed a consciousness of their own literary history with a sense of artistic community, through literary courts, salons, cafés, schools and movements. Master the basics of explication de textes.

PROCEDURE - Short lectures in class, daily preparation based usually on a questionnaire or activity centered around readings for the day, handed in on occasion. A test for each period (Middle Ages, Renaissance, 17th Century, 18th Century) consisting of identifications of passages, a small number of historical and biographical recall questions and an explication of a passage from an assigned work. A formal explication de textes (written & oral). Opportunity for extra credit through reading and research projects.

MEDIA - Course materials will be almost entirely internet-based or internet- delivered.


T he UVic Writer's Guide - Versification


L'analyse litteraire!

Elements of French Versification

LEXIMAGNE (site dictionnaire des centaines de milliers de termes)


Dictionnaire de la mythologie greque



Les dix dynasties (France)

The Royal Family: A Genealogy (France)


Capetiens et croisades (art exhibit: with text, color slides and voice)

Chronologie de la Guerre de 100 Ans

Visite a... AZINCOURT (histoire de la bataille du 24 octobre 1415, en francais)

En route vers l'absolutisme: La Renaissance et le premier XVIIe siecle (fin XVe siecle - apres le milieu du XVIIe siecle)

Art and Culture in France (16th Century)

La monarchie absolue et son declin: Le Grand Siecle et le Siecle des Lumieres (apres la seconde moitié du XVIIe siecle - fin du XVIIIe siecle)

Encyclopedie, ou dictionnaire raisonne des sciences des arts et des metiers (searchable database of Diderot and d'Alembert's 17-volume 18th-century work )


Les Serments de Strasbourg

Sequence de Ste. Eulalie c. 880 (medieval romance idiom and modern French, a facing translation)

An excerpt from La Chanson de Roland

Questionnaire on the excerpt from "La Chanson de Roland"

A Thibaut de Champagne (biographique)

A Pastourelle of Thibaut de Champagne

QUESTIONNAIRE on the pastourelle of Thibaud de Champagne"

The Lais of Marie de France Study Guide (12th Century)

Marie de France, "Chevrefeuille"(francais moderne)

"Barbara Allen" - Civil War Songs/Poems

QUESTIONNAIRE on "Chevrefeuille" of Marie de France

LE VILAIN DEVENU MEDECIN (Vilain Mire) - fabliau

QUESTIONNAIRE on "Le vilain devenu médecin"

Charles d' ORLEANS, "Rondeau de printemps"

Christine de PISAN, Ballade XI "Seulette suis..."

Francois VILLON, "L'Epitaphe Villon" (PVxi)

QUESTIONNAIRE: Charles d'Orléans, Christine de Pizan, et François Villon

Joac haim du Bellay, "Heureux qui comme Ulysse

Louise LABE, "XVII: Baise m'encor...", from Oeuvres (1555)

Pierre de Ronsard: "Mignonne, allons voir si la rose"

Louise Labé, Joachim Du Bellay, Pierre de Ronsard (biographical material)

QUESTIONNAIRE on Joachim Du Bellay, Louise Labé, Pierre de Ronsard

Pierre de RONSARD, "Quand vous serez...", from Sonnets pour Helene (1578)

"Rabelais, Francois" (biographical/historical)

Illustr ated page from Rabelais' Gargantua (SILS Art Image Browser) - Details):

"The Fables of La Fontaine

Francois de MALHERBE (Caen, 1555-Paris, 1628) - biographie

"Francois de MALHERBE, " Consolation à Monsieur Du Perier (gentilhomme d'Aix-en-Provence) sur la mort de sa fille"


MOLIERE (1622-1673) -pseudonyme de Jean-Batiste Poquelin (biographie)

Moliere, Le Tartuffe ou l'imposteur (hypertext by scene)

QUESTIONNAIRE sur "Tartuffe"IV.4-8

Jean RACINE (1639-1699) - biographie

Jean Racine, Phedre (in hypertext with links to characters)

QUESTIONNAIRE sur "Phedre"(Acte I)

VOLTAIRE [Francois Marie Arouet] (1694 - 1778) - biographie

Essai: Voltaire, entre la legende et l'histoire (Stephane Pujol, for Eiffel)

Voltaire "Candide"

Questionnaire on "Candide", ch. 1-4, 29-30

Andre Chenier, Iambes: "Comme un dernier rayon..."

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