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The Globe-Gate Intercultural Web Project

This internationally recognized project, co-founded by TennesseeBob Peckham and Apple Corporation's Darwin Team tech writer, David Gatwood, has been in existence since 1996. It has served as a consultant for institutions, governments and businesses around the world. On the UT Martin campus Globe-Gate has been webmaster, web provider and programmer for sites currently receiving over three quarters of a million visitors per year. Though many of these (administrative pages and course syllabi) are connected with UTM's Department of Modern Foreign Languages, the Globe-Gate Project also serves the whole University as creator and maintainer of a community web site for Weakley County. It is currently designing a site to support description, announcements and pre-immersion distance learning offered by the Mid-Continent Consortium for International Education. Globe-Gate has been co-mediator for a growing series of international video conferences linking students US and French universities in theme-based learning discussions. One if its most recent award-winning projects is the

Andy Holt Virtual Library

Other well known web sites include the five-star Merlot peer-reviewed

TennesseeBob's Famous French Links

Globe-Gate is proud to add the reason for our participation in today's showcase:

French 451 (French for Business and the Professions)

one of the Department of Modern Foreign Languages' standard courses, refocused to meet more precisely the needs of students wanting to incorporate a knowledge of French language and culture into a variety of future workplaces. It is designed with an online format for attendance flexibility to accommodate those whose class and/or work schedules do not allow them to attend all classes.
TennesseeBob Peckham
Director, The Globe-Gate Project
University of Tennessee-Martin