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Fumiko's Page (local)



Audio-visual Resources for Japanese Language Instruction

The Hit List (top 10 japanese WWW sites, published by the Nikkei)

Information about Japan (cultural/economic/political)

Japan (Asian Studies at Univ. of Texas)

The Japan Information Access Project

Japan Links (Lafayette University)

Japan Station (link page)

Japanese Bookmarks

Japanese Language & Culture (at OU CALL)

Japanese Languages] Educational Resources

Japanese Text Innitiative

Japanese Text Innitiative

National Clearinghouse for U.S.-Japan Studies

The Oregon State System of Higher Education Japanese Language Project

Schauwecker's Guide to Japan

Teaching and Learning about Japan

What's new in Japan (new WWW servers)

WWW Servers in Japan

WWW Virtual Library in Japan

Yahoo Japan


Economic Planning Agency (Japanese Government)

Economics-Related WWW Servers in JAPAN

The Export-Import Bank of Japan

Japan Development Bank

Fuji Bank (in Japanese)

Japan Economic Trends, Industry, Markets, Business Practices

Japan Window - A US-Japan Collaboration for Internet-based Japan Information

JapanLaw - The Japan LawLetter

JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization)

Kokusai Electric Company (Japanese or English)

Mitsubishi Electric Corporate Websites

Mizuno Pharmacies (Japanese Homepage)

Nikkei Net (English)

Nikkei Net (Japanese)

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation

Selected Writings in Japanese Law


Temple's Resources on Japanese Law


Awa Dance Home Page (English)

Council on East Asian Libraries

Digital Biscuit (English e-zine about Japanese music)

Japanese Art (focus on Ukiyo-E art)

Gateway Japan - Creating Culture and Community

Japanese Classical Literature on the World Wide Web

Japanese Culture (About.com)

Japanese Embroidery Center

Japanese Recipes

Japanese Text Initiative

Kabuki for Everyons (English/ Japanese bilingual with audio and video clips)

Let's Have a Look at Japanese Cullture

Links to Other Japanese Culture Sites

The Shiki Internet Haiku Salon (Jananese poetry collection)

SOGETSU (traditional Japanese culture)

Sumo Information Page (English)

Syllabus for Japanese Influence on Western Art and Literature

Tokugawa Art Museum

Tokyo Food Page (basics of Japanese food and restaurants both in and out of Japan, in English)

Web Kanzaki (a cultural page with Japanese and English links)

Web Resources for Japanese Food (English)


Hirano Elementary School - Otsu- City, Chiga Pref., Japan (English/ Japanese)

Japanese Schools - English and Japanese (Elementary -University)

Jr. High Schools in Japan

Keio University (Japan) Weekly Hot List

Nihon University

Suzuhari Elementary School (Hiroshima, Japan)

Tennessee Meiji Gakuin High School (Tellico Reservoir Develpment Agency)

Tohoku University


THE CONSTITUTION OF JAPAN (1946 - English version)

Japanese Government's Economic Planning Agency (english/Japanese)

Introduction of the National Institutes of Health Japan

Japanese Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (Japanese & English)

Link to Local Government in Japan (in Japanese)

Members of the Cabinet (1995/8/8) in English and Japanese

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs-Japan

Prime Minister's official Residence (info. in 2 Japanese character sets & in English)


About Japanese Sign Language

Accessing Japanese Character Text on the Internet

Alternative sci.lang.japan FAQ's book page

Association of Teachers of Japanese

Conjugation of Verbs and Adjectives in Romanized Japanese

CosCom - Study Japanese on the Web

Dictation Quizzes for Japanese Speech (with audio)

Essential Japanese Verbs INDEX

FAQ for sci.lang.Japan (usenet newsgroup)

Japanese Lists Across the Globe

Index of /pub/word;ists/japanese (Oxford)

Japanese<->English Dictionary

Japanese<->English Dictionary - Gateway

Japanese Language (software and Japanese products)

Japanese Language - Home Page (About.com)

Japanese Language Information-General Information about Japanese Language

Japanese Language Information (sequal to sci.lang.Japan Usenet Newsgroup FAQ)

Japanese Online

Japanese Language Learning World Wide Web


Learnin g Japanese (Encarta Schoolhouse Lesson Plan)

Learning Japanese Language and Culture

MIT Japanese Materials (incl. kana and kanji study materials)

Nihongo: Japanese Language (Japanese -> English -> Japanese dictionaries)

Newsgroups available under fj (usenet)

Nihongo de Onamae! (your name in Japanese) - robot

Quick and dirty Japanese

Standards for Japanese Language Learning (1998 Draft)

Technical Japanese Program at the Univ. of Washington

Traveler's Japanese with Voice

Yamada Language Center - Japanese Fonts

Web-browsing in Japanese (finding the right software)

Word Order in Japanese Sentences


Asahi Shimbun / Asahi Evening News ( newspaper index)

Asahi Shimbun Mass media, publishing (newspaper in English)

Asahi Shimbun Newspaper (San Jose, California - in Japanese)

The Chubu Weekly Online

A Guide to Japan's Journalism

IPP Ippongi News (Ippongi BBS archive, in Japanese)

Kyodo Cyber Express (Japanese internet newspaper)

Kyodo News Web (largest news service in Japan)

Mainichi - Jam Jam (Tokyo newspaper, Japanese and some English)

Mainichi Shimbun (newspaper)

MPT News (Biweekly of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Japan, in English)

Newspapers, TV & Radio Stations

Nikkei "X" (weekly newspaper)

Yahoo! Japan - News: Newspapers

The Yomiuri Shimbun (Tokyo, Japanese/ English)


CNN Japan

Guide to Japanese Television

Kansai Telecasting Corporation (KTV, Japanese only)

NHK International TV Broadcasting (A Window to Japan and Asia)

Nippon Hoso Kyokai (NHK, Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

Radio Japan (in English)

Radio Nipon

Shima Media Network (news discussion from broadcast journalists)

TV Net Japan Home

Yahoo Japan. Entertainment - Radio (in Japanese)

The Yomiuri News Stream (with live RealAudio broadcasts)


Clickable W3 Map of Japan


Japan Cities Link (in Japanese)

Japan Map (interactive relief map, including city maps)

Japan Maps

Japan Sightseeing Guides (25 cities)

Map of Japan (with city maps)

Japan's Cities and Regions

Nagasaki City Homepage

Nippon View (Tokyo city guide)

Sendai City (Japanese or English)

Tokyo Q (weekly city magazine in English)

The Tsukimono Map of Japan

Virtual Prefectures and Cities of Japan (English)


All Nippon Airways

Japan Airlines

Japanese Railway-Related Information (Japanese and English)

Japanese Resource Construction

Narita Airport (New Tokyo Int'l)-maps of airport, flight and other information

Shinkansen (super-express train) Schedule for Tokyo-Koriyama

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