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Spanish, French and German Placement Exams

Before the MTLRC was established, students had to cope with limited and unreliable old technology. This LRC exists for electronically mediated individual and small group activities, appropriate in the acquisition of foreign-language skills. It was named for the first chair of our Department of Modern Foreign Languages, and is maintained for use by its students and faculty. For a limited time, you can see the MTLRC through the eye of a webcam.

The Center's analog technology allows us to view cable-delivered foreign-language TV programs. UTMartin is currently a licenced distributor for the following foreign-language television stations:

TV5 USA (channel 73) carries programs in French from French speaking countries 24 hours per day. To get today's schedule, just click "programmes" and then on the day you wish.

This week's TV5

Deutsche Welle (channel 71) is a German television station, broadcasting in German and English for an international audience 24 hours per day:

Deutsche Welle   

Univision (channel 72) is the popular Emmy award-winning Hispanic television based in Miami Florida (schedule in Eastern-Time) but with affiliates in many places:  

There are video and audio-active facilities for most listening, recording and viewing projects or assignments. We also have a growing library of audio cassettes, audio CDs, CD-ROMs, VHS video tapes and DVDs.

Our digital technology allows for a variety of multimedia experiences, using CDs, laser discs and web resources and tutorials. International Cultures web site. At our 29 Macintosh workstations, learners can make authentic contact with the cultures of their target languages all around the world, through e-mail and websites, through high-speed digitized radio and TV programs, as well as low-end video-conferencing. One of our workstations was designed using ADA standards for the visually handicapped. H413 is a study room, equipped with cable television, which can be used for live lab or coaching sessions oof tutors or SIs. Our software includes textbook-specific items, and a number of excellent multimedia packages for independent study or supplemental work,but you will need help making accented letters with your computers. Through Globe-Gate Research, we are also connected to a comprehensive language education software and web review site:



Deux Mondes (7th edition)
Deux Mondes (4th edition)
Deux Mondes (5th edition)
Deux Mondes (6th edition)
French Learning Objects for Deux Mondes (5th, 6th,7th editions)
French 111 & 115 video exercises
French 122 video exercises
French 222 video exercises


Vorsprung, 2nd ed. 2007
UTM German Program & Resources


UTM Japanese Directory with Resources


Dos Mundos 5th ed.[textbook web site]
Dos Mundos 6th ed.[textbook web site]
Dos Mundos 7th ed.[textbook web site]
Spanish Learning Objects for Dos Mundos (6th or 7th edition)

UTM Quick-Reference Language Resources

Scheduled hours and other important information concerning the operation of the Language Resource Center will be announced in class, posted on the door (H415), and on our Lab Schedule & Announcemnts web page. You will also be able to obtain them from the Department office (H427, tel. 587-6562). Access will be limited to UTM foreign language students, with official ID cards.

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