AATF Advocacy Workshop
Loyola College, Baltimore, MD
November 17, 2005 (9:00 am - 4:00 pm)


Participants and leaders introductions -

Sharing personal French advocacy anecdotes:  

General negative attitudes and conditions which thwart foreign-language learning in the US

General negative attitudes toward French, and how they contribute to need for advocacy

Foreign Language: An Essential Core Experience

Any of your students give you a personal reason for taking French?

Your "French-is-useful" stories:

Can any of you think of a local reason why French should be important to your community?

French-bashing chez vous.

What is the activity you associate with advocacy, because you have seen it, done it,  or have heard of it being done?

Have any of you participated in promotional activity (National French Week, etc.)?

Year of Languages (ACTFL) examine YOL packet from ACTFL

Promoting A Language-Proficient Society - What Can You Do?

Commission on the Promotion of French

National French Week

What are the differences between promotion and advocacy?  How are they alike?

What are the obvious ties between promotion and advocacy, and how can we best use them?

The logic behind the AATF's plan:

    Ideas for French Language & Culture Advocacy in the     UShttp://www.utm.edu/~globeg/advofr.shtml

    A nose for relevant information

    Geographic levels of advocacy (district, state, region, nation)

    Advocacy and the nature of US public education

    Gathering information about a specific crisis (Local, State)

    Getting contacts and "dog-in-the-fight" allies from information

        state DOE (foreign language supervisor, etc.)

        state foreign language teachers organization

        regional foreign language teachers organization

        district foreign language supervisor

        state and local business connections

            Foreign-owned business
            Exporting business
            Assembly-chain business
            International service business
            State-based firms with subsidiaries

        Regional Consulates of French and Francophone Countries

        Regional French Chamber of Commerce

        State and regional French language and cultural organizations

    French moments in state history

    French-speaking celebs from each state


Ways of making web pages.

Explanation of work-stations and individual work packets

    Microsoft-Word application on desktop as notepad
    Windows notepad
    Microsoft-Word application on desktop as site sketch
    Microsoft-Word->HTML copy of site sketch on desktop
    Desktop as collection point for illustrations )drag and drop)
    Microsoft-Word->HTML with illustrations + accompanying folder

Discussion about hosting, directories, server-side includes, etc.

Trial-runs at basic functions, including multi-tasking

Techniques for using Google, Alltheweb etc.

Starting a web page.

Bringing the page up to check it.

Burn a CD-R