Société François Villon, Bulletin
Volume 31  (Winter 2015)
Robert D. Peckham, Editor

Bibliography: the most recent titles which have not appeared in previous issues of this bulletin, many found through the Andy Holt Virtual Library.

Abbreviations:  BJ = Ballades en Jargon  L = Lais  PV = Poèmes Variés   SFVB = Société François Villon, Bulletin   T = Testament.

en voie de développement
Note 1

"Don't Believe Everything You Read"

Œuvres complètes de François Villon suivies d'un choix des poésies de ses disciples. Édition préparée par La Monnoye mise au jour, avec notes et glossaire, par M. Pierre Jannet. Paris: E. Picard, 1867.

This may well be the most widely distributed edition of Villon's works:,,,,,,, e-book format for Kindle, and many more. It is even sold in hardcopy.

Jannet, a bibliophile and publishing entrepreneur is not known as a scientific editor of medieval texts. The text of Villon's poetry in the Jannet edition comes from a transcription of hand-written marginal notes and added pages in a copy of  a printed edition of Villon's works, by Antoine-Urbain Coustelier, published in 1723:  B.L. 241.f.17 f (British Library). The transcription was made by by Gustave Masson, who discovered the volume in London in 1858. It was concluded that this was the unfinished work of  Bernard de la Monnoye, member of the Académie Française, who in 1714 , had published a letter outlining an ambitious multi-author scholarly editing project, including an edition of Villon's works.   Bingo! This is an easy conclusion to make. Nothing was said about Ms. Paris  Arsenal. 2948, containing an edition preface and notes and more, written in an 18th-century hand. The two volumes were intended to go together. The penned material seems to be in the same hand.There are inter-volume references. There is evidence that both volumes were once in the collection of  Nicolas Lenglet-Dufresnoy, a multi-disciplinary 18th-century French author. These are old shelf marks, and the commentary of Jean-Bernard Michault, biographer, and cataloguer of Lenglet Du Fresnoy's collection.

There are many other reasons why what Jannet printed was not the work of La Monnoye, but rather that of Lenglet-Dufresnoy. Neverthe less, the wide distribution of the Jannet edition and the misguided conclusions of several well-known modern scolars have kept the myth alive. I have researched what I claim quite thoroughly and published two articles containing my proof:

"A la Recherch d'un Villon perdu: Pour une histoire de sa réception au XVIIIe siècle." In François Villon et ses lecteurs. Actes du Colloque international (13-14.12 2002 Bibliothèque historique de la Ville de Paris). Textes édités par Jean Dufournet, M. Freeman et Jean Dérens. Collection: Colloques Congrès et Conférences sur le Moyen Age. 5.  Paris: Honoré Champion, 2005.  71-88.


"Villon Unsung: The Unfinished Edition of Nicolas Lenglet Du Fresnoy." In Breakthrough: Essays And Vignettes in Honor of John A. Rassias. Ed. Mel Yoken. New York: Peter Lang, Publishing, 2007. 97-102.

Note 2

"Villon for the Millennial Stage: A Tale of Three Cities"

Among tne early legends about François Villon, we see him involved in a passion play (Rabelais, Gargantua, Book 4). It is not surprising that, perhaps the earliest American fiction about Villon is Silas Weir Mitchell's play, "François Villon" (Boston: 1890). The poet subsequently appears in film, television, television film, roll-playing games, computer games, rock and pop music and in a French comic book. Rudolf Friml's operata, The Vagabond King; is one of many examples of musical plays staging Villon, running right up to our time. He is entertainment fodder for the millenial mind.

Since 2000, Villon has appeared as a live dramitis personna in new drama, speaking Romanian, German, French, Russian, Czech, and English. But I would like to focus on the American stage (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco) in the past three to five years.

Multi-lingual Lisa Monde, with a doctorate in Musical Theatre Vocal Performance, has had her hand in many facets the entertainment world: film, television, musical theater, as an actrice, puppeteer, playwright, singer, dancer, score writer, director and producer.  The first time we see her connected  with a musical historical drama about Villon was through "Francois Villon. Three Days In Paris", produced in Moscow, with her  music and Russian lyrics, opening in 2010. She played the role of Isabelle.

Lisa Monde - Scene between Villon and Isabelle (from musical Francois Villon. Three days in Paris)

Lisa Monde was also working on her own historical play with English text.

Monde, Lisa. I Know All Save Myself Alone - The Play. Bloomington, Indiana: Xlibris, 2011.

which opened on June 14th 2012 in the Marilyn Monroe Theatre in New York.

She also wrote, directed, and scored "I Cry You Mercy Everyone", also about Villon, and opening at the Joria Productions Theater in New York on June 18, 2013, which is described as a musical version of  her historical play, I Know All Save Myself Alone.

I Cry You Mercy Everyone, The Musical - Facebook

And then, there is Los Angeles. Murray Mednick is an American playwright and poet, born in Brooklyn, NY, founder of the Padua Hills Playwrights Workshop/Festival in 1976 in California, The plays of the Padua group are somewhat experimental, where story is reflected by the dialogue, and dialogue is frequently the action. His Villon, which he wrote, directed and produced was presented February 15-March 23 2014 at the Odyssey Theatre in Los Angeles. It exists in print:

Mendrick, Murray. Villon and Other Plays. New York: Theatre Communications Group, 2015.

VILLON by Murray Mednick | February 15-March 23 - Facebook

Villon | Padua Playwrights

Padua Playwrights presents VILLON Written and Directed by Murray Mednick

Review: Carousing away with 'Villon' at Odyssey Theatre

There is an excellent web summary of Lisa Monde's work on Villon:

I Know All Save Myself Alone

In the last musical play, not yet fully produced on stage, the engaging plot revolves around the time travel of a French major from the University of Colorado Denver, who first appears just as Villon has escaped from the gallows.

The playwright, David Alpaugh, is a well-known poet, with work i in Poetry Review, Able Muse, Evergreen Review, and others, has published essays in The Chronical of Higher Education, Poets & Writers Magazine, Modern Drama, Twentieth Century Literature, and elsewhere. At once entertaining and serious, reminiscent at the same time of the Wizzard of Oz and Back to the Future; the reader sees anachronisms juggled with theastricality.  There are 21 songs and an overture.

His brother Lewis Alpaugh, who has composed for a number of country and folk musicians and groups, is the co-author responsible for the play.  Here is a song used in the play in a version produced in 2010, three years before the script appreared in print. I believe the voice is that of Jenny Gill.

François Villon Cries Noel (Lewis & David Alpaugh)

and 5 years before the 2015 web production by Scene 4 Magazine

The seed for the play was obviously planted before this song, since the lyrics to "I am François", the first song in the musical play, were published as a poem in Heavy Lifting (2007).

Here are the versions of the whole play:

Yesteryear - The Life and Times of François Villon (with zombies). Music by Lewis Alpaugh, book and lyrics by David Alpaugh. (2014)

Alpaugh, David [book and lyrics], Lewis Alpaugh [music]. Yesteryear - Three Days in Paris with François Villon. Scene 4, 2015.

If I am not mistaken, David and Lewis Alpaugh are currently looking for a production path.

Books (Villon as subject or author)

Arn, Mary Jo and John Fox, eds. Poetry of Charles d’Orléans and His Circle/ A Critical Edition of BnF MS. fr. 25458, Charles d’Orléans’ Personal Manuscript. Arizona Studies in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance (ASMAR 34) Turnhout Belgium: Brepolis Publishers, 2010 [MS 01].

Barbe, Norbert-Bertrand, éd. Poèmes à François Villon. [Mouzeuil-Saint-Martin] : Bès éditions, cop. 2014.

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Organisée par Helen Solterer, co-directrice du groupe de recherche "Humanités numériques" à Duke University, cette rencontre a rassemblé Nancy Freeman Regalado (NYU), David Georgi, traducteur de Villon en anglais, et Jacqueline Cerquiglini-Toulet (Université Paris-Sorbonne), éditrice et traductrice des Œuvres complètes de Villon en Pléiade (2014). Une rencontre bilingue autour de "François Villon: First Modern Poet, Digital Actor"  à New York à la librairie Albertine (972 Fifth Avenue, at 79th Street), 14 mai 2015.

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Internet Resources

Manuscript facsimile

MS F  vu22   Ballades et poemes diverses (PDF Binary File 546 MB)

Poems read aloud in French

Serge Reggiani dit le Lais de François Villon (strophes 1 à 6) - 3/8/15

Le Lais (I, II, III, IV, V, VI) François Villon [Feb 22, 2015]

Serge Reggiani dit Le Testament de François Villon [selected, Mar 8, 2015]

Le Testament (I, II), François Villon [Dec 18, 2014]

Le Testament, (III, IV), François Villon [Dec 18, 2014]

Le Testament (X, XI, XII), François Villon [Dec 22, 2014]

Le Testament XXII, XXIII, François Villon [Mar 4, 2015]

Le Testament, (XXVIII), François Villon [Apr 1, 2015]

Le Testament XXIX, François Villon [Mar 4, 2015]

Le Testament (XXX, XXXI, XXXII) François Villon [Apr 1, 2015]

Le Testament (Ballade pour Prier Nostre Dame), François Villon [T873-909, 3/3/15]

Le Testament Ballade (pour Jehan Cotart), François Villon [T1237-65, 3/30/15]

Le Testament (Ballade de merci), François Villon [T1968-91, Oct 11, 2015]

Ballade des proverbes, François Villon [PVv, Sep 18, 2015]

Ballade des menus propos, François Villon [PVvi, Sep 18, 2015]

Epître à ses amis, François Villon [PVxii, Sep 19, 2015]

Débat du cuer et du corps De Villon [PVxiii, May 19, 2015]

Quatrain, François Villon [PVxiv, Mar 3, 2015]

In other languages

Die Ballade von den Lästerzungen (Villon, Zech, NaNa) - German, Mar 28, 2015

François Villon - Dvojbalada o bláznovství v lásce [Czech, Aug 25, 2015]

Francois Villon - Az akasztófavirágok balladája [Hungarian, Jun 17, 2015]

Francois Villon - Ballada a szép fegyvermesterné vénségéről [Hungarian, 6/17/15]

Francois Villon - Nyári ballada szegény Lovise ról [Hungarian, Jun 17, 2015]

Turniej Bardów 2015 - Ballade De Mercy [Polish, Feb 8, 2015]

Recorded music, film and drama

Pound's opera

Le Testament de Villon: Pere Noe [from Pound's opera, Jul 11, 2015]

Le Testament de Villon: Dame du ciel [from Pound's opera, Aug 9, 2015]

Le Testament de Villon: Freres humains [from Pound's opera, Oct 31, 2015]

Le Testament de Villon: Dictes moy [from Pound's opera, Oct 31, 2015]

Le Testament de Villon: Brothel Music [from Pound's opera, Nov 1, 2015]

Ezra Pound - Le Testament De Villon - Opera [1980 Holland Festival, Oct 31, 2013]

Debussy's "Trois Ballades . . ."

Gérard Souzay "Ballade que fait Villon à la requeste de sa mère" Debussy [2014]

3 Ballades de François Villon: II. Dame du ciel, régente terrienne [Lancaster, 2014]

Camille Maurane--"Trois ballades de Villon" Debussy [May 2, 2015]

Debussy: 3 Ballade de François Villon - Ballade des femmes de paris [7/12/15]

Debussy: Trois ballades de François Villon, L. 119 - No.2, Ballade que feit Villon à la... [8/22/15]

I. Ballade de Villon à s'amye [from Debussy, 3 ballades, Oct 18, 2015]

3 Ballades de François Villon: No.1. Ballade de Villon a s'amye [2/11/15]

3 Ballades de François Villon: No. 2. Ballade pour pier Notre Dame [2/11/15]

3 Ballades de François Villon: No. 3. Ballades des femmes de Paris [2/11/15]


La Belle Heaumière 2015 [Emmanuel Aguillon, Mar 22, 2015]

Ian Pittaway : Like The Snow (Sydney Carter)

[Carter, Sydney] Like The Snow [Nov 10, 2014]

Finardi, Eugenio - La preghiera di François Villon [in Italian, May 24, 2015]

François Villon avec Michel de Meaulnes

FRANÇOIS VILLON, baladin de Dieu (émission radio France Culture 2003
Les Vivants et les Dieux)

Francois Villon Ballada o paniach minionego czasu [in Polish, Jan 28, 201]

Francois Villon - Testamentum [Hungarian radio play, Oct 15, 2015]

Monique Morelli - François Villon - Epistle to my friends [December 1, 2015]

Les Neiges D’Antan (by Bert Seeger)

Olivia Chaney - Ballade des dames du temps jadis (François Villon), 6/15/15

La poésie fout le camp villon [Oct 16, 2015]

La Vie de Francois Villon 1sur2 1987

La Vie de Francois Villon 2sur2

VILLON - Ballade (Des Dames Du Temps Jadis) [Nov 15, 2014]

VILLON - Ballade XI [Feb 13, 2015]

VILLON - Lay (Ou Plutost Rondeau) [Nov 21, 2014]

Zivot a soud; François Villon [silent short film, Czech commentary, 2015)

Critical discussions, text of poems, translations, creative works

11 Translations "Ballade de bonne doctrine à ceux de mauvaise vie," François Villon -
The Laughing Bone [2/7/14]

106 Works by or about François Villon (Internet Archive)

The Adventures of François Villon (four films released in 1914)

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Lamartine et Proust"

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Архив метки: François VILLON. Tania-Soleil Journal [in Russian with poem translations]

Arbatz, Michel. Villon la Vie [author explains his work]

Balada de los ahorcados, François Villon (1 mayo 2015)

Bonecarver"A New Translation / Rendering of Villon's Ballade de bonne doctrine a ceux
de mauvaise vie."  (2/4/14)

BUNTING'S VILLON (reading Dec 8, 2013)

Carter, Sydney. "Vanished Like the Snow" [song lyrics]

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Davies-Deacon, Merryn (student at York University) "Can Villon’s 'Ballade en vieil langage
françoys' be used as a basis for claims about the transition from Old to Middle French?" [32 pp.]

Ezra Pound’s anti-Debussy opera to receive UK premiere [Norman Lebrecht, 28/11/15]

Foreman, A. Z., tr. " François Villon: Ballad of Ladies of Yore (From French)". 6/8/15

François Villon, La ballade des pendus - A la française

François Villon (1431?-1463?) -

François Villon. Francia: 1431-1463. Poemas, textos electrónicos completos

François Villon et le Paris Médiéval du XVe siècle (3/24/15)

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François Villon: el gran precursor de la poesía maldita (12/27/15). LATITUD

FRANCOIS VILLÓN - Poeta de ladrones y prostitutas (12/13/14)

"Francois Villon, some poetry and notes" Poetryparc (3/7/15)

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Hurley, Patrick. " The Play is the Thing in Villon." Life in LA (2/24/14)

I Cry You Mercy Everyone. Musical (Facebook for Lisa Monde's musical, produced in 2013)

Keolb, Tadzio. "Raphaël Jerusalmy’s ‘Brotherhood of Book Hunters.’" NYT Sunday Book
Review (12/19/14)

"Le laisserez-vous là, le pauvre Villon ?" France Inter (21 août 2014)

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"Lire Villon aujourd'hui" Poésie, Entretiens (29 novembre 2014) - event

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Morelli, Monique - Villon - Ballad of small talks

"La Paciencia: François Villon, el poeta forajido" El Nacional - papel literario (11/10/14)

Pickron, Tyler. "Stereotypical Beauty Questioned" (8 December 2013)

UN POEMA DE FRANÇOIS VILLON (Rondel), Traducción de Juan Victorio

Quigley, Killian. Rev. Poems by François Villon [ed. David Georgi]. 1/12/15

Raphaël Jérusalmy - La confrérie des chasseurs de livres

Société François Villon, Bulletin 30 (winter 2014)

Talk: François Villon [Wikipedia]

Le Testament de Villon (Pound's opera)

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Villon [Murray Mendick's play (written and directed) produced in Los Angeles]

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Villon et Verlaine sous l’œil de Valéry. MISS MEDIA (juillet 2015)

Villon, il tempo e 'Le testament' (laCOOLtura, 7/30/15)

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