Ruth Sharf

I do not really take much interest in politics nor do I support a specific political party. I have never been actively involved in a campaign. I am not allowed to vote because I am not old enough, and secondly, I am not an American citizen. But I do care who is elected President and I always root for the candidate with the best ideas for solving the nation's problems.

I believe that Bob Dole would be the best choice for President because if elected, he intends to emphasize American family values and to bring back morality to politics. His position on various issues is more compelling than that of Bill Clinton. These issues include government spending, abortion, and immigration of illegal aliens. He intends to revive the golden age in today's society. He hopes to reduce crime in the US, especially among politicians.

Government spending should focus on higher learning, improved living conditions for the elderly, and more research for cures of fatal diseases such as AIDS and cancer. Government spending on welfare and inappropriate scientific research should be cut. In my opinion, abortion should not concern the government at all. There is no reason for the government to be involved in what is, essentially, a personal matter. And finally, it is important to curb illegal immigration. Illegal aliens sometimes bring drugs into the US and abuse the welfare system.