The task of the bibliographer has changed enormously over the years. Before our digital informtion age, the number of paper sources and bibliographic resources was growing, while the ability of any one bibliographer to consult them was diminishing. Not all could live within travel range of a world-class research library, with tens of thousands of  active periodical subscriptions, millions of books and all of the important serial bibliographies. Interlibrary loan services were uneven. The distribution range of small-scale locally or regionally produced serials was often limited, and the bibliographer needed to have a regular correspondance friendship with colleagues in key geographic locations.  In focusing on a single author, like François Villon, the limitations of broad ranged serial bibliographies such as those of the MLA or YWMLS became more pronounced each year.  Even the nationally and linguisticlly specialized Bibliographie der französischen Literatur-wissenschaft  (O. Klapp) , with much fewer library locations than the others, only yields an average of  five or six unique entries per year on Villon.  College library subscriptions to electronic serials  databases, period-specific databases such as ITER and the IMB Online, or even broad-ranged and open access to online resources such as the Andy Holt Virtual Library have the potential to put the bibliographer in many libraries around the world at the same time. Even without the funding for the first two subscription bibliographies, much can be done with open access resources.

I have attempted to put into chronological order a number of the major bibliographical resources targeting François Villon.   It is a pity that so few who have written about Villon have seen Marchand's annotated bibliography(first entry), which reflects the popularity of the poet during the very years where, as many claim, he was all but forgotton. Lack of attention to seventeenth and eighteenth-century bibliography has caused some modern scholars to accept all too easily the unsupported claims of nineteenth century editors and essayists.

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