Virelangues (French Tongue Twisters)

Tongue twisters use tricky rhyme, alliteration or assonance to produce a phrase, a sentence or longer discourses which are challenging to say without making a mistake. They can serve a practical purpose in practising pronunciation and developing rhythmical patterns appropriate to a language. Below, you will find the largest online collection of French tongue twisters on the planet. Whether you are a teacher or a dilligent and systematic student, the best thing you could do is to redistribute these by topic or by the phonetic difficulty which is at their core. Being able to pronounce them with an appropriately even French rhythm will give you both proficiency and confidence. Other ways to practice French pronunciation might well include listening to and then repeating literary passages:

Literature of French Expression Read Aloud or Sung

With Audio

    jeudi 27 novembre 2008 Virelangues français (audio)


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Without Audio

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