Pre-Conference Workshop #6 at NYSAFLT: Learning Independence through Learning Objects
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    Spanish Language and Culture (Colby College)

    Páginas de ayuda  para estudiantes de español

    Learn Spanish - Spanish Grammar Tutorial

    Spanish Grammar Exercises Index

    Spanish Grammar Help

    The Spanish CALL Project

    Spanish Language (

    e Learn Spanish Language

    Spanish Grammar & Vocabulary Tutorials

    Grammar/ Gramática (

    Spanish As A Second language: Grammar

    Spanish (From Wikibooks, the open-content textbooks collection)

    Uof TX - Spanish grammar exercises

    Spanish GrammarLab Tutorials

    Spanish Proficiency Exercises (UT Austin)

    Spanish Language Drills

    Quia Spanish

    Languageguide (Spanish Vocabulary)

    LangMedia (5 Colleges)

    Spanish flashcard sets by subtopic


    French Grammar (

    Tex's French Grammar

    Languageguide French Grammar

    French Grammar Practice Exercises

    French Grammar (Wikipedia)

    Grammaire française (Wikipédia)

    Descriptive Grammar of  the Standard French Language

    Quia French

    Languageguide (French Vocabulary)

    French Vocabulary, Pronunciation, and Spelling Index of vocabulary lists

    LangMedia (5 Colleges)

    French Vocbulary (

    Français interactif (UofTX)

    French flashcard sets by subtopic