Percussive Notes,June 2004

The Magic of Escola Didá: Social Reform for Women and Children in Brazil

By Julie Hill

The first time I traveled to Brazil, I went there seeking all the things I had heard about for so many years: beautiful beaches, incredible food, exotic plants and animals, and of course, percussion. I traveled to the Pantanal where I  saw some of the most beautiful birds on the planet. Next, I went to Rio de Janeiro, seeking the sounds of the samba, choro, and bossa nova. Finally, I went to Salvador da Bahia, hoping to find the music of samba reggae and the percussion group Olodum that most of us first came to love on Paul Simon’s Rhythm of the Saints album. In Salvador, I did find the powerful music of samba reggae,  but I also stumbled upon something more, an entire project founded for the purpose of helping women and children find education, self confidence, and success through the arts and samba reggae. The group I encountered was Escola Didá.

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