Music for Multi-Percussion: A World View

Julie Hill and James Campbell, Alfred Publications, 2008.

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Sonhando em Salvador

Julie Hill, Innovative Percussion Publications, 2006.

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The University of Kentucky,under the direction of James Campbell, premiered Sonhando em Salvador for an audience of over 2000 at the 2004 Percussive Arts Society International Convention in Nashville,Tennessee.Sonhando em Salvador is published by Innovative Percussion.It can be performed with as few as 6 players, but doubling and even tripling of parts is preferred to achieve a more authentic sound.


Rudi’s Batuque

Julie Hill, Row-loff Productions, 2009.

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Rudi’s  Batuque was composed at the request of Jim Campbell, to be used as the closing work for a concert commemorating the 20th anniversary of the percussion studies program at the University of Kentucky. I starting writing down a few melodies that had been in my head and some new rhythms that I had heard on my recent month long visit to Salvador da Bahia, Brasil during Carnaval 2005. Instruments chosen for solos (steel pan, marimba, drum set, and timbau) were written with specific alumni in mind, in order to showcase areas where they possessed a particular interest. The melody, form, and rhythms in the work are not difficult or complex as the piece is just about bringing people together and grooving. The piece is in a Samba Reggae style. In choosing a title, I wanted to pick something that would reflect the Brazilian derivation of the rhythms while also tying in a reference to Jim. He once shared with me that his nickname at Northern Illinois University was Rudi due to his rudimental drumming background. Occasionally I still hear him get teased, “Hey Rudi”, at a convention by one of his former teachers or an old buddy. I thought it was fitting to use this playful nickname in giving a title to this work. (JH)



Steel Drum Ensemble Series 2: Day O – The Banana Boat Song

Arranged by Julie Hill, Alfred Productions, 2011.

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Steel Drum Ensemble Series I: Bahia Street Beat & Pepita’s Dance

By Julie Hill, Alfred Productions, 2010.

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