"How to DO" and "Examples" for Each Type of Document

This "doorway" in the Cyber Corp web has lead you to the area where each of the semesterís major assignments are identified and described. The list which follows is not totally inclusive. There are other assignments that you will be given that are not included on this list, but for those assignments, you will not need access to Cyber Corp.


The major categories of assignments for this class include writing or designing a:

Persuasive Business Letter
News Release
Public Service Announcement
Position Paper
Action Plan
Situational Analysis
Annual Report

How to "do" each Assignment and "Sample" Links

The following links provide helpful hints on how to do each category of assignment. Also, you will find it helpful to follow the links leading to samples and the other links to "real world" examples of the specific document type discussed.

How to do: Persuasive Business Letter

Read the "Sample" business letter by doubleclicking on the file below: Also, you can double click on the link below to see an optional discussion of the four elements of persuasion that appear in the sample business letter and which should appear in all persusive writing. The link is optional in that if you have a computer with an operating system older than Windows 98, it probably won't work. However, if it doesn't open, don't open, please don't worry, the narrative descriptions above are sufficient to do the assignment, the narrated link just add a little spice to the cake.

  Optional Description of Persuasion elements in a business letter

 Persuasive Business Letter Sample

How to do: Biosketch

Biosketch Sample

How to do: Backgrounder

Backgrounder Sample

How to do: Brochure

Brochure Sample(s)

How to do: News Release

Optional Description of How to do a General News Release

General News Release Sample

Product News Release Sample

Optional Description of How to do a Product Release

How to do: Newsletter

Newsletter Sample

How to do: Flyer

Flyer Sample

How to do: Position Paper

Student Written Position Paper Sample
ADA Position Papers

How to do: Annual Report

Annual Report Samples


How to do: Public Service Announcements

How to do: Action Plan