Electronic Access to JSTOR

One of the many services the Paul Meek Library provides to its registered borrowers is access to JSTORís periodical collection. The Libraryís subscription pays for access to these databases, but this service is free to our registered borrowers.

Your browser must be set to accept cookies in order to access JSTOR. If you need to learn about connecting to online databases from off-campus, please read our Proxy Configuration Instructions.

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Search tips:

A particular journal or set of journals must be selected in any search, or there will be a message to "Select one or more journals." In Basic Search, click on "Expand the list" to retrieve individual journal titles to search.

Basic Advanced


Quotation marks

not applicable

All search terms must be enclosed in quotes, whether they are single words or phrases.

Example: "liberty" and "Patrick Henry"


Multiple words on the same line are interpreted as a phrase. If the words pork barrel are typed, they are searched as a phrase.

Words within the same quotes are interpreted as a phrase.

Example: "pork barrel"

Boolean operators




Click on drop-down windows and select an operator.

"shrubs " and "grasses"

"shrubs" or "grasses"

"shrubs" andnot "grasses"

Searches may be combined:

"trees" and ("moisture" or "temperature") andnot ("shrubs" or "grasses")


For the most complete search, type an author's first and last name on the same line, and select the author field. The search will find the author's name without a middle name or initial, and will also find the author's name with any middle name or initial.

"Frederick Jackson Turner"/author

Note: The above search will not retrieve articles with the author listed as Frederick Turner or Frederick J. Turner, so be sure to search each possible form of a name.


Basic and Advanced Search

(be sure to use " " around words in Advanced)

Truncation: There is no truncation process.

Plurals: Search for the singular and plural form of a word (except for foreign languages), by adding + to the end of the singular form of the word: cat+ will find cat and cats sky+ will find sky and skies

wife+ will find wife and wives

Abstracts: Approximately 10% of articles in the JSTOR collection include abstracts. Keep this in mind when searching the Abstract field.

Variant spellings: For best results, search variations, such as: labor or labour

Acronyms: Search both the acronym and the spelling of the individual words for best results.

Help: Click on Tips at the top of any screen. These will be relevant to the screen in view. However, after clicking on Tips, there is a link under that for All JSTOR Tips.

List of results: Various options are on a results screen. Below are some of them:

Full text article screen: On the first screen of a full text article, some of the information and options are:

Printing: Click on Print from an article. Choose your print options. Once you have chosen your print options on one computer, they will stay the same unless changed by using the Set Preferences button. Printing choices are either PDF (which requires Adobe Acrobat) or JPRINT (which requires downloading the JPRINT application). These helper applications can be downloaded by clicking on the Set Preferences button at the top of the screen. A new window may open with the full text of the article displayed for printing.

Exit: There is no special exit button.