An On-Line Statistics Course for Managers
Ed Knight
Dept. of Accounting, Management, and Information Systems
University of Tennessee at Martin
Presented at the 8th Annual Statewide Continuing Education Meeting
Oct. 27, 1999
Renaissance Center
Dickson, Tennessee

The evolution toward an on line course format can be rewarding for both the student and the instructor.  Attempting to integrate new course material into a new presentation and delivery system is one form of faculty renewal.  Students meanwhile begin to learn via a media that we all acknowledge will be essential to their future professional careers.  Thus the blending of the efforts of faculty and students can provide beneficial results for both parties.

Table of Contents:

1.  Conference paper titled "An On Line Statistics Course for Managers" by Ed Knight.
2.  Conference POINTS in Microsoft Word.
3.  Links to Management 320 Statistics for Managers at UT Martin.
4.  Student and Faculty Comments.