Course Number: GENERAL STUDIES 101- Section 36
Course Title: Freshman Experiences

Subject: Freshman Experiences
Course Number: General Studies 101
Course Title: Freshman Experiences
Credit Hours:  2
Contact Hours:  1 hours/week - WEDNESDAYS AT 3:00 P.M. in Gooch 207
Faculty Counselor:  Dr. John (Ed) Knight
PEP LEADERS:  Tiffany Eisenbise  423-802-4578
                            Jonathan Spiceland   931-206-2921
Office Location: Business Administration Bldg. 229A
e-Mail Address:
Office Hours:  MWF - 10 - 11; MF - 2-5; W 2-3
Office Telephone: (731)587-7351
Disabled Students:  Any student eligible for and requestiong academic accommodations due to a disability is requested to provide a letter of accomodation from P.A.C.E. or Student Academic Support Center within the first two weeks of the semester.

By participating in General Studies 101, you  should:
1.  Become acquainted with other freshmen with similar academic interests;
2. Become acquainted with a faculty member/adviser in your (or a related) academic area;
3. Become acquainted with a returning UT Martin student leader who has demonstrated success in and outside of the classroom;
4. Understand the various University policies and procedures;
5. Be a more informed consumer of the opportunities and requirements of your education;
6. Appreciate the University’s rich tradition of providing cultural opportunities to the region through performances in the arts, academic speakers, etc.;
7. Become knowledgeable about the University library and other support services;
8. Appreciate the benefits of becoming involved in activities outside of the classroom;
9. Register for courses appropriate for your background, interests and ability;
10. Understand the teaching/learning process and strategies for success;
11. Learn and use time management tools;
12. Learn and use goal-setting strategies;
13. Learn and use critical thinking techniques;
14. Learn and use note-taking skills;
15. Learn and use study and exam-taking skills;
16. Learn and use individual and group presentation skills;
17. Understand the primacy of academic integrity and the consequences of failing to abide by appropriate standards;
18. Appreciate the importance of making informed, positive personal decisions;
19. Learn and use appropriate stress management techniques;
20. Become more familiar with career opportunities;
21. Appreciate the role of service learning in a well-rounded education;
22. Respect how differences among people help create cultural diversity;
23. Develop increased enthusiasm about UT Martin;
24. Enjoy the benefits of participating in a supportive, learning academic community.
Freshman Studies is a Pass/Fail course.  In order to pass, you MUST:
1.  Participate in all activities during Freshman Welcome Week;
2.  Miss no more than two class meetings during the semester;
3.  Attend one cultural program (academic speaker, Vanguard play, Music performance, etc.)
4.  Complete a satisfactory time management plan;
5.  Participate in a service learning activity;
6.  Successfully complete the mid-term exercise and final exercise/exam, as assigned;
7.  Meet with your PEP leader one-on-one, once during the semester;
8.  Meet with your faculty counselor one-on-one, once during the semester.
August 13, 9 a.m.-12 noon (Tuesday, Freshman Welcome Week)
· Getting acquainted with each other, ice-breakers
· Introduction to Freshman Welcome Week activities
· Introduction to the major/undeclared curricula
· Reading for comprehension; critical thinking

August 14, 9 a.m.-12 noon (Wednesday)
· Review of College 101: class times, credit hours, majors/minors/ electives/general education, etc.
· Class management: note-taking and participation
· Advising and registration, as needed

August 15, 8-10 a.m. (Thursday)
· Strategies for succeeding at UT Martin
· Time management: establishing a study routine, getting involved but not over-involved
· SMART goal setting (with PEP Leader)

August 16, 1-3 p.m. (Friday)
· Discussion on diversity and on film "Skin Deep"h faculty
· Finding one’s learning style
· Academic integrity/plagiarism
August 21: Connecting with faculty; Finding one's learning style;  Academic integrity and plagarism
        ASSIGNMENT (Due Aug. 28) - Complete the SMART GOAL SETTING SHEET and a TIME MANAGEMENT SHEET that you plan to use for the semester.
August 28: Taking tests; making presentations/working in groups
        ASSIGNMENT (Topic Sept. 11 with Midterm Due on Oct. 9)) - Select a topic for your midterm exam and submit the topic to the instructor. APPROPRIATE TOPICS:  Journaling Exercise;  Critical thinking activity;  Discipline-specific, library, Internet and/or campus resource "scavenger hunt", or Time Management analysis of first half of the semester.  Discuss this topic with your PEP LEADER during your conference during the week of Sept. 2-6.
September 4: Individual student/PEP leader conferences (no class)
September 11: The library as resource central (Angela Widener - bibliographic instruction room in LIBRARY)
September 18: Leadership/service learning, discussion of activity (Steve Vantrease)
        ASSIGNMENT:  (Topic Due Sept. 25 with final report due by Nov. 6)  - Select a service learning activity in which you plan to participate.  Write a 1/2 page report on the lessons that you learned doing the service learning activity.
September 25: Student/faculty conferences (no class)
Oct. 2: Stress management and cultural activities
        ASSIGNMENT:  (Topic Due Oct. 9 with report due by Nov. 27).  - Select a cultural activity to attend.
October 9: Smart decisions and personal finances (Bobbie McClain); mid-term due
October 16: Meet the faculty/chair/dean; careers in field (TH-F Fall Break)
October 23: “Half-time” discussion
October 30: Discussion of International Program, activity
November 6: Personality/career testing, counseling (Tommy McGlown)
        ASSIGNMENT DUE:  1.  Turn in a 1/2 page report on the lessons that you learned doing the service learning activity.
November 13: Advising and planning for Spring 2003
November 20: PEP leader follow-up/activity (no class)
November 27: Assignment of final exercise/paper; course evaluations (TH-F holiday)
      ASSIGNMENT:  Final Exam:  Complete a 2 page report on any of the following topics.
            1.  The cultural activity I attended and how cultural activites contribute to the development of the total person.
            2.  An international student activity including an interview of an international student that describes his or her country, customs, and interests.
            3.  A career specific report featuring an interview with a businessman or businesswoman on how college preparation can help you in meeting your business career goals.
            4.  A report on the personal lessons that you have learned during the semester including time management,  interpersonal relations, academic interests and plans for improvement during the next semester.
            5.  A report on your service learning activity and why service develops the character and leadership abilities of students have are receiving state financial assistance with hopes of societal rewards in the future.
December 2-5: Final exercise/exam/paper due; class celebration