Management 720 Course Articles Web Page

The following articles should be of interest to Mgmt 720 students as you progress through the course. Some of the articles can be found using Proquest Direct.  When possible,  you should use the proquest link and get the articles off of ProQuest.  When the full articles are not available on ProQuest,  the articles have been scanned and are available on the link provided.  Most of the scanned articles are in .pdf format.  In order for your computer to read these files,  you may have to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader (free on the internet) before you will be able to read the file.  Please download and install the Adobe Acrobat reader now.

Sessions 1 - 3:

Assumptions of Statistical Inference by Hahn and Meeker.   This article introduces some important preliminary statistical assumptions that are important in understanding any statistical presentation.  If poor assumptions are made in collecting the data,  obviously sophisticated mathematical analysis will do little good ... and possibly harm!

Session 10:

"Eight Points for More Useful Surveys" by Glenda Y. Nogami,  Quality Progress, Oct. 1996.
"Measuring customer satisfaction", Research Technology Management; Washington; Sep/Oct 1995; Ellis, Lynn W; Curtis, Carey C; (can be found on ProQuest Direct).

Session 11:

Data Collection and Analysis:  Some Managerial Issues by Ed Knight,  6th Annual Proceedings of the American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences,  Feb. 1997.

Session 12:

"Discovery of the Prophet of Quality" by

Article on funnel Experiment.

"A Graphical Exploration of SPC" by Robert Hoyer and Wayne Ellis,  Quality Progress, May 1996  (Part 1).  The article gives a basic graphical introduction to Statistical Process Control.

"A Graphical Exploration of SPC" (Part 2), Quality Progress, June 1996.  The article completes the graphical SPC information from Quality Progress.

"Implementing the Six Sigma Solution" by Jerome A. Blakeslee, Jr.,  Quality Progress, July 1999, p. 77-85

Sessions 13 and 14:

"The New Manta:MVT" by Rita Koslka, Forbes Magazine, March 11, 1996.

"Turning Small Ideas into Big Results", Sales and marketing Management, Dec. 1999.

"Productivity Blitz", Success Magazine,  January 1998.

"Home Improvement Chain Puts Science to Work on Its Marketing", Wall Street Journal, Thursday, March 11, 1999.

"BellSouth Uses Scientific Testing to Increase Call Center Sales"  by Curren, Dariel,  TeleProfessional,  June 1998.

"Lowe's Uses MVT to Improve Promotion Programs",  Stores Magazine, Dec. 1998.