My webpage below is now over 10 years old, but I'll leave it for historical reasons. It's presently July, 2010, and things have changed, including technology. Check out my Facebook page, including the pictures.

Deica and I have been happily married now for 9 years and we have 8 grandchildren. I retired as Assistant Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administration in June 07 but still work part time at UT Martin. We sold the Harley a couple of years ago, so no more bike trips. We enjoy landscaping our 2 acre yard; we've just built a playhouse for the grandkids in the backyard. We attend the Martin First United Methodist Church where I am Vice Chair of the Admistrative Council.

We still have a few beef cattle, in partnership with my little brother and his wife, and have added a couple of barns and an acre pond, complete with fish, ducks & geese.


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Everyone else has a home page, so I'll take a shot too. I'm presently a single parent with two sons at home: Joey, age 18, and Matt, age 14. My daughter, Wendy, is married and I now have a grandson! Jared was born in Febuary, 2000. I am engaged to a wonderful lady, Deica White, and we are to be married in September, 2001.

Brief personal history:  My real name is Allen Blaine Croom. I started school in Martin, Tn, before moving to New Orleans with my family around 1959. We left Chalmette in 1962 for Memphis where we lived until 1966 when we moved to Atlanta (actually Jonesboro, just south of Atlanta). We left Atlanta in 1968 for the big city of Sharon, Tn, where I graduated high school in 1969. I attended the University of Tennessee at Martin where I obtained my BS and MAc degrees and where I have been employed since 1973 in the Business Affairs Office.

 My interests are:

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In case your clicker isn't working, here is a smaller version.  I know, I know, but you wear a helmet all day and see how *your* hair looks!

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