Tennessee’s Geologic and Cultural Landscapes

3 credit hours

Prerequisites: GEOG 201-202 or GEOL 110-120

Also offered as GEOL 365







GEOG 365 is a course involving lectures and field excursions which emphasize the interactions of geology and culture in Tennessee.  Geology-related topics include: Physiographic regions and geologic history, landforms, structural and tectonic history, natural and economic resources, and environmental issues across the state.  Cultural topics include: Settlement history, economic development, political patterns, and distribution of populations.  This course is team-taught by two faculty members from the disciplines of geography and geology; guest lecturers from other department faculty members are featured as well.


In this course, the following topics are presented:



A 3- to 4-day fieldtrip with stops in all physiographic regions of the state is offered as part of the course.


Students are evaluated through several exams, multiple map quizzes, fieldtrip activities, and a research project.  Readings are assigned throughout the semester.


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