Geography of North America

3 credit hours

Prerequisites: Junior standing










GEOG 380 is a region-by-region examination of the North American subcontinent (the United States and Canada).  The physical features, settlement histories, agricultural production, industrialization, urbanization, political issues, and cultural practices of North America’s regions will be emphasized.


This course is in the process of being updated, but some topics may possibly include:


- Physiographic Regions: Overview of North America

- Geodemographics: Overview of North America

- Megalopolis: The Making of New York City

- The Atlantic Provinces: Time and Place Apart

- The Middle West: Corn, Beans, Hogs ... and Chicago

- The South: The Southern Difference

- The Great Plains: The Doomed Ogallala

- The Great Plains: The Tar Sands of Alberta

- The Intermontane West: The Sagebrush Rebellion

- The Intermontane West: Marc Reisner’s Cadillac Desert

- The Pacific Coast: California as Superamerica

- The Pacific Coast: LA - The City that Shouldn’t Be

- Quebec: Je me souviens


Students are evaluated through several exams, map quizzes, and a term project.  Detailed knowledge of places and features of North America will be emphasized through the map quizzes.


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