Hey! Did YOU know that this painting is a Monet?
Paul Hertzel found it for me on the web!

The painting is "The Beach at Sainte-Andresse", by Claude Monet. It was painted by the 27 year-old Monet in the summer of 1867 while he and his family lived there. He produced it during a period of high activity immediately following the rejection of several of his paintings by the judging committee of the Salon of 1867 in Paris.

I love the scene in this painting. I had planned to use a personal photo here, but I fell in love with it and decided to keep it.

There's something majestic about the ocean. It's one of the true beauties of nature, filled with contrasts. It's a constant that's everchanging, breaching eternity past and future. To me, it symbolizes infinity, reaching as far as the eye can see and farther than the imagination can conceive. The crystal beaches that grace its shorelines represent a way that we as ordinary, finite beings can touch its boundless beauty.