Assistant Professor of Physics
Office: 222-B Johnson EPS Building
Phone Number: (731) 881-7440


College of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Geology, Geography, and Physics

Physics Discipline

My Curriculum Vita



Heavens AboveWhich satellites are visible from your hometown tonight?

Astronomy Picture of the DayCool new pics each day, plus an archive.

Potentially Hazardous AsteroidsWant to find out which asteroids have nearly missed us in the past or are going to come close to us in the future?

Bad AstronomySource on hoaxes and pseudoscience, in astronomy

CLEA SoftwareGreat source for introductory level labs that run on Mac or PC.  If you want to see basically how an astronomer determines the distance to Mercury or finds asteroids, as well as many other exercises, visit here.

Solar and Heliospheric ObservatoryThe best Sun pictures and movies 

HST Picture ArchiveThe leader in cool astronomy pictures

CSICOP OnlineNot really an astronomy site, but a good general source for debunking all of those silly myths.  Has info on UFOs, the face on Mars, and even spontaneous human combustion!

Cassini-Huygens:  Get the latest on the mission to Saturn and Titan!

NASA Homepage:  What are they up to now?!?

Background :  Kitt Peak National Observatory by Brian Stiles