Bible Union School Remembered

by June Childs


     As I sit with my second cup of coffee-a privilege I've given myself upon retirement-I "see" across my field, through the rolling morning mist, my early childhood.  The spot is vacant now-fire took both of the Bible Union School buildings-but nothing will ever erase the memories of those wonderful years.  The one-room country schools are gone, but most of us can still remember our experiences there.  By the time Bible Union became a two-teacher school, I was old enough to be in the "big room," so Miss Mignone Morrison was the only teacher I had until high school!  Each class came to the recitation bench for lessons while the other grades worked at their desks.  Yes, we learned-I know we did because we blended right into high school and had successful careers.  Somewhere early in my 37 years of teaching, "group learning" was introduced as a new idea for our classroom.  I knew that would certainly be a good thing as we had "group learning" at Bible Union as a way to help each other while the teacher had another class.  Play time was fun then as now.  I remember Town Ball, Farmer in the Dell, London Bridge, marbles and jacks, as well as many, many more group activities.  Didn't the skills we learn in communicating with each other gives us lifetime knowledge of working with people?  I can't help wondering if game-boys and computer games do the same today!  Everything wasn't a pleasant memory.  One lunch break, my friend Jean and I rushed to get to the top of an old empty hog house to eat our lunch (the PTA had raised hogs to get money to buy things for the school).  As we opened our lunch boxes, wasps spotted us!  As the wasps became entangled in our long. thick hair and our clothing, we each received many stings during our running and screaming!  Others also were pounced upon by the wasps.  Finally, we were "doctored," the wasps gone, our lunch boxes retrieved, and we thought we had put that whole experience behind us.  Not so-in  the middle of the afternoon, the supervisor came in.  While she was there, I became very sick in the classroom.  She immediately knew that it was from the wasp stings when she heard what had happened.  My embarrassment was much greater than my hurt!  Other fond memories are the programs, plays, box suppers, and other extra curricular activities.  These things involved the community, which was always 100 percent behind the school.  The first Bible Union was built around 1909.  My dad went to that first school, as I did.  It burned in the spring of 1942 or 1943.  The new school was ready that fall, however, and I went to it, too.  Children continued going to school there until it closed in 1956.  There was a Bible Union School Reunion under the leadership of Kenneth Rogers in 1995.  The laughter and joy of everyone that day helped us recall many happy years-of learning, yes, but also of friendships and pleasures that came from the little county schools of the past!

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