Details of Airplane Camera




Airplane used to take pictures.  The camera is mounted near the center of gravity.


Camera is a Easy Shot ES27 EV Automatic film advance camera that I bought at Wal-Mart.  I tried using a 5 dollar camera but had to land and advance the film then take off again.  It worked great but it took a long time to take a roll of film with so many take offs and landings.  Technical update:  Had to go back to cheap 5 dollar camera.  The Easy shot ES27 EV camera filled up with model airplane fuel and quit working.


Rubber bands are used to hold the camera in place.


Airplane is a butterfly the I bought as a kit from Tower Hobbies.  Notice the camera just in front of the landing gear.  (airplane does not come with camera)



I brought airplane to an engineering class for a demo

I let one of the students fly airplane and explained that it takes a gentle touch on the controls.

The student did not listen which resulted in breaking the wing and destroying the aircraft.

I was not reimbursed. 

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