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Dept. of Modern and Foreign Languages

Some important information on applying for study abroad funding:

  • Most grants have deadlines.  Plan ahead, a full year if possible, so that you don't find yourself running out of time and energy.  Researching for a grant is time-consuming, but it pays off.
  • Receiving a grant, award or scholarship is a great resume enhancer.  It shows that your talents have been recognized and your efforts rewarded.
  • Many grant-giving institutions do not award all the money they had put aside for a certain year simply because they did not have enough applicants.  
  • When asking for a letter of recommendation, give at least 2 weeks for the writer to complete your request.
  • You will need to provide different paperwork depending on the grant you are targeting.  It takes time to get things in order.  Allow yourself at least a month to put your dossier together.
  • Have your language professor look at your dossier before sending it.  Give him/her enough time (2 weeks is advisable) to do a careful review.
  • Keep a paper copy (and if possible a soft copy) of all the paperwork in your dossier.  Most likely you will need them again in the future when applying for another grant.
  • Remember: the first grant application is the most complicated to put together.  After the first, the others are much easier.

Resources for study abroad funding though the Department of Modern Foreign Languages:

  • Pi Delta Phi - National French Honor Society -- Provides three excellent awards to outstanding French majors who wish to spend summer or semester abroad in France.  See Dr. Lucia Flórido for more information.  Deadline for application: November 1st of each year.  Visit website.
  • Sigma Delta Phi - National Spanish Honor Society -- Provides over five scholarships and awards.  See Dr. Randal Garza for more information.  Visit website.
  • Stephen and Bea Mohler Study Abroad Endowment -- Provides financial assistance for outstanding students in Spanish.

Other resources for study abroad funding:


·         The International Study and Travel Center -- a searchable study abroad scholarship database organized by region/country, field of study, program type (research/classroom/internship), and student criteria, including students with disabilities

· -- provides information and links to many study abroad scholarships and practical information for living abroad

·         The Council for International Educational Exchange -- sponsors several study abroad scholarship programs and provides information about study abroad programs

·         International Education Financial Aid -- a searchable study abroad scholarship database organized by field of study, location, and sponsoring institution

·         Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship -- program provides awards up to $5000 to students with limited financial means for study abroad. To be eligible, students must be receiving a federal Pell Grant at time of application.

Also, check out the hard copy manuals, Financial Aid for Research and Creative Activities Abroad (2002-2004) and Financial Aid for Study and Training Abroad (2001-03).