Holder Photo Gallery

  1. James Lee, Mina Murrow, and Lee Newcomer Holder
  2. Ma and Pa (Harriet and Charles) Murrow
  3. Charles Murrow with violin
  4. Myrtle Holder Patterson, Stella Holder Ross, James Lee Holder
  5. Pearl Holder at Red Bird School
  6. Pearl Holder at Red Bird School (2)
  7. James Lee Holder, Stella Ross, others
  8. Murrow family sisters and brothers
  9. Dorothy Riggs, Mattie Holder, Lee Holder, Jr.
  10. Holder family & children of James Lee and Mina
  11. Lucy Thrailkill Holder
  12. Bob and Jack Vore
  13. Lela Holder Bruner, Lola Holder Vore, and others
  14. Homeplace of Charles & Harriet Murrow
  15. Mina Holder and grandson Lee, Jr.
  16. Bob Vore, Pearl Holder, Jack Vore
  17. Lee Newcomer Holder on horse
  18. James Lee Holder
  19. Lee Holder in 1st grade rhythm band
  20. Lee Holder in 2nd grade rhythm band
  21. Ray & Lola Holder Vore family, 50th anniversary
  22. Alexander Valentine Holder family
  23. Charles T. and Harriet Murrow family
  24. Alexander Valentine & Lucy Ann Thrailkill Holder family
  25. Alexander Valentine Holder and sons
  26. Lucy Ann Thrailkill and Alexander Valentine Holder

The above photos courtesy of Lee Holder
Website contact: Larry Holder lholder@utm.edu

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