Ralston Cemetery Restoration

Weakley County, Tennessee

Welcome to the Ralston Cemetery Restoration home page. This website is under development to provide information about the Ralston Cemetery located in Ralston, Weakley County, Tennessee, including current efforts to restore the cemetery from the past effects of forest growth and vandalism.

The photo to the left shows the middle of cemetery as it looked in November 2004 after some cleanup. Prior to this, the cemetery was entirely overrun by trees, thorns, ivy, and other growth, to the point that it folks in the adjoining neighborhood had no idea it was a cemetery. The Stones of Alexander and Sarah Ralston, behind iron fencing, can be seen on the right. Photo by Larry Holder

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The photo to the right includes most of the volunteers during the November 2004 cleanup. As published with article in the Weakley County Press, November 2004.

Thanks to WCMT radio for continued coverage of our efforts. Special thanks to Paul Tinkle and Chris Brinkley (Chris is a resident of the Ralston community, and presently serving as the head of publicity and past president of the Ralston Community Business Association).

The Ralston Community Business Association (a.k.a. Ralston Cemetery Association) has the following officers (current as of June 2013): Joe Damron, president; Larry Holder, vice president; Shirley Alexander, secretary/treasurer; Chris Brinkley, publicity. The association was initially organized with the help of the late Bill McClain.

For membership information, see "Donations and Membership" near the bottom of this page.

Recent activities

The most recent BBQ fundraiser at Damron's BBQ was held on September 13, 2007 (although we've gone without them for a few years, future BBQ fundraisers are still planned). Like the BBQ fundraisers from the prior two years, the event was a big success, with donations totalling over a thousand dollars. Many thanks to Chris Brinkley and Paul Tinkle and all our friends at WCMT radio for providing timely announcements of the event. The proceeds will help a lot in the ongoing restoration efforts and upkeep (mowing, spraying, etc).

Current and future projects

Larry Holder completed a "metes and bounds" survey (compass and tape measure) to map out the entire cemetery, and has producing a simple map of headstones. Larry also plans to produce a short video to provide an online "virtual tour" of the cemetery.

Rebecca and Larry Holder have photographed and re-transcribed nearly everything that is still readable on the stones.
Click here for a list of stone photo and transcription pages.

Donations and Membership

Donations to help with the ongoing restoration and upkeep may be sent to:
Ralston Community Business Association 
c/o Larry Holder, vice president
151 Charles Drive
Martin, TN 38237

The Ralston Cemetery Association (a.k.a. Ralston Community Business Association) welcomes new members. A donation of 10 dollars, which may be sent to the above address (please make checks payable to Ralston Community Business Association), will make you member in good standing. Please note that providing a donation of at least 10 dollars at the annual BBQ fundraiser at Damron's BBQ will entitle you to both a membership and a great BBQ supper. If you send by mail, please be sure to include your email address and phone number for our membership records. Please note that we are not formally established as a non-profit organization, so donations are not tax-deductible.

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