Ms. Brandy’s 4th Grade Classroom

Presidents’ Day - February 18, 2008


George Washington was the first President of the United States.

Our Presidential Poetry

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George Washington’s Birthday: Wondering

by Bobbi Katz

I wonder what I would have said

if my dad asked me,

"Son, do you know who cut down

my pretty cherry tree?"

I think I might have closed my eyes

and thought a little bit

about the herds of elephants

I'd seen attacking it.

I would have heard the rat-a-tat

of woodpeckers, at least,

or the raging roar of a charging boar

or some such other beast!

Perhaps a hippopotamus

with nothing else to do

had wandered through our garden

and stopped to take a chew.

We all know George said,

"Father, I cannot tell a lie."

Yet I can't help but wonder

Did he really try?

Bobbi Katz, “George Washington's Birthday.” Copyright � 1992 by Bobbi Katz. Reprinted with the permission of the author,

Ring Out, Wild Bells (1992).