By: Karen McCaleb

Mrs. Karen’s Poetry Corner


Oh, I’d be thrilled

if it were Jo,

the cute one in

the second row.


Or could it be

from Jennifer?

Has she found out

I’m sweet on her?


My mind’s abuzz,

my shoulders tense.

I need no more

of this suspense.


My stomach lurching

in my throat,

I open up

my little note.


Then wham! as if

it were a bomb,

inside it reads,

“I love you—Mom.”



Inside my lunch

to my surprise

a perfect heart-shaped

love note lies.


The outside says,

“Will you be mine?”

and, “Will you be

my valentine?”


I take it out

and wonder who

would want to tell me

“I love you.”


Perhaps a girl

who’s much too shy

to hand it to me

eye to eye.


Or maybe it

was sweetly penned

in private by

a secret friend


Who found my lunchbox

sitting by

and slid the note in

on the sly.


Lunchbox Love Note

by Kenn Nesbitt

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