Robert Mark Simpson, PH D.

Professor of Geography - University of Tennessee at Martin





Surface Mail:

Department of Agriculture, Geosciences, and Natural Resources

254 Brehm Hall

Martin, TN 38238


201-D Johnson EPS Building

Research Interests

Physical geography, synoptic climatology and meteorology, atmospheric teleconnections, mesoscale meteorology,climate variability, snow cover, remote sensing, geographic information systems

Regional Specialties:  North America, Europe

Teaching Responsibilities

  1. GEOG 151 /  Regional Geography (North America, Europe, Russia)

  2. GEOG 152 /  Regional Geography (Latin America, Africa, Asia)

  3. GEOG 201 / Introduction to Physical Geography

  4. GEOG 340 / Synoptic Weather Analysis and Forecasting

  5. GEOG 310/ Principles of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

  6. GEOG 381 / Geography of Europe

  7. GEOG 410 / GIS: Modeling and Applications

  8. GEOG 450 / Applied Climatology and Meteorology

  9. GEOG 470/ Statistics in Climatology and Meteorology

Research Activities

  1. An analysis of Tennessee tornado activity and its relationship to preferred cyclone tracks, teleconnections, and topography

  2. Climate Variability in the Mid-Mississippi River Valley

  3. Developing a Mesonet for West Tennessee with Dr. Todd Albert

Academic Background

  1. Ph. D. Geography, Indiana State University (2000)

  2. Graduate Studies, Environmental Science, University of Virginia (1986)

  3. M.S. Geography, Western Kentucky University (1985)

  4. B. S. Geography, Western Kentucky University (1981)

  5. A. S. Meteorology Technology, Western Kentucky University (1981)


  1. United States - 44 of the 50 states, including Alaska

  2. Canada - British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec

  3. Europe - Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary