Roy Neil Graves
2.  Other academic publications:

Articles in journals, collections, and other media:

       Essays below published after 1995 show a general focus on sprezzatura (that is, “suppressed design”), buried wit, and coterie gameplaying in literary texts—and thus share common interests with publications on the Lost Sonnets, the Runes.

Essays in reference works:
Reviews in the Journal of the Jackson Purchase Historical Society (except as named):
Booklets and monographs:
Publications as editor:
  • Discoveries (1986), ed. Curt Perkins.
  • Gateways (1987), ed. J. Chad Brandon.
  • Windows (1988), ed. S. L. Morris-Young.
  • Synechdoche (1989), ed. James Michael Ovington.
  • The Blue Room (1990), ed. Jason Chumley.
  • Myth of Fingerprints (1991), ed. Blythe Semmer.
  • Whistling in the Dark (1992), ed. Virginia Pryor.
  • Crayon’s Verse (1993), ed. Ellen Hock.
  • Wordscapes (1994), ed. Horace Nelson.
  • The Spirit of the Staircase (1995), ed. Lori Funderburg.
  • Juxtapositions (1996), ed. Josh Barnes.


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