National Association of Geoscience Teachers
Southeastern Section Newsletter
Email Edition - Winter / Spring 2003
Editor's Comments:  

I am pleased to say that four states are consistently submitting “news” for the newsletter.  While I doubt the newsletter will garner a Pulitzer Prize for writing or journalism, I hope geoscience educators and enthusiasts are able to utilize some of the information in the newsletter, especially in the Meetings and Regional News sections.   My goal for the next newsletter is to have Regional News for ~70 % of the states in our Southeastern Section.

In the recent Harry Potter book I just finished (no laughing please!), Hermione had to use time-travel to keep up with her hectic schedule of classes, which allowed her to be in two places at once.  Of course, the time travel bit helped Harry, Hermione, and Ron outwit the bad guys in the end.  We are all so busy whether we are in business, government, or the halls of a university or a K-12 school.  I could see where the ability to be in two places at once would be useful.  I could be working of the newsletter while I prepared for my night class or as I traveled to a speaking engagement.  Unfortunately, I am not a wizard.    

I guess it comes down to planning, organization, and setting priorities.  Hopefully, you view SE NAGT, its members, and this newsletter as vehicles for greater communication, outreach, and development in geoscience education.  If you do not, then speak up and tell us how we can improve.  As Michael Gibson steps down from the presidency and assumes the role of Past-President, we should say a big THANK YOU for his tireless efforts on behalf of SE NAGT, and we should consider what we can do to help the incoming president. 


ps – If anyone knows how to multitask using time-travel, please drop me a line. 

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