Section 2.5.  Read pages 119 to 121, Theorem 7 on page 123, and pages 125-126.  Scan the rest of the section. Answer the following questions by 7:00 am.  Send an e-mail with subject line MA251 to .

Pay particular attention to Example 1 and Theorems 4, 7, and 10.  Theorem 10 is the Intermediate Value Theorem that I mentioned on the first day of class.   

1) Fill in the blanks:  For f to be continuous at a,


a) f(a) is defined (that is, a is in the domain of f)

b) exists

c) equal

Elina Geut

2)  Finish the sentence:  In Figure 2, the pictured function is not continuous at 3 because . . .

2. The left and right limits are different.

Hugh Pinkley

3)  Example 10 shows an application of what theorem?

3. Intermediate Value Theorem

Archie Rich