Section 2.7.  Read the entire section. Answer the following questions by 7:00 am.   Send an e-mail with subject line MA251 to .

Pay particular attention to Definition1, Definition 4, and Equation 5.      

1) Fill in the blank:  The tangent line to y = f(x) at (a,f(a)) is the line through (a,f(a)) whose slope is equal to the __________ of f at a.

1) derivative 
Elina Geut

2)  Fill in the blank: The instantaneous velocity at time t=a of a falling object is equal to the _________ of the line tangent to the graph of the position function at the point (a,f(a))

Austin Gullet

3)  On page 148 we are given a second interpretation of the derivative.  Fill in the blanks.  The derivative f'(a) is the ___________  ____________ of _________ of y = f(x) with respect to _______ when  x = _________

3)instantaneous, rate, change, x, a
Nicholas Allen