Section 3.2.  Read the entire section. Answer the following questions by 7:00 am.  Send an e-mail with subject line MA251 to .

Pay particular attention to the Product and Quotient rules.       

1) Fill in the blanks: In words, the product rule reads: The derivative of a product of two functions is the _______     ______ times the _________ of the second function plus the ______   ______ times the ___________ of the first function.

First function, derivative, second function, derivative
Trisdan Ragland

2) Fill in the blanks:  Example 2 shows that it is sometimes easier to _______ a product of functions before differentiating than to use the _________ Rule.  In Example 1, however, the __________ Rule is the only _________ method.   

Simplify, Product, Product, possible
Archie Rich

3)  True or False.  With the differentiation formulas in the table on page 189, we can find the derivative of any polynomial or rational function.

Alyssa Reed