Section 3.3.  Read through the end of page 194.  Answer the following questions by 7:00 am.  Send an e-mail with subject line MA251 to .

1) What is the (limit as x approaches 0) of (sin x) / x  ?

Garret Wright

2) About 2/3 of the way down the page on page 192, why is |BC| < |AB|  ?

Because ABC make up a right triangle, and AB make up the hypotenuse which is by definition the longest side of the triangle, therefore must be greater than BC

Mason Cullen

3) The same word goes in both blanks.  Fill in the blanks, then answer the question.  [Hint:  The index of your book might help].  The second half of page 192 consists of the beginning of a proof of equation 2.  This proof begins with the assumption that theta is an acute angle.  On the top of page 193, Dr. Stewart justifies the transition from a right hand limit to a limit based on the fact that (sin theta)/theta is an __________ function.  What does it mean for a function to be __________

even, even, f satisfies F(-x)=f(x) for every number x in its domain
Matthew Thomas