Section 4.7.   Read the entire section.  Answer the following questions by 7:00 am.  Send an e-mail with subject line MA251 4.7 to .

1) Dr. Stewart's "Steps in Solving Optimization Problems" is a variant of George Polya's more general "Problem Solving Principles."  Step 1 is the same in both lists, but it is often overlooked.  Before attempting to solve the problem, we should know that the answer will be a length in feet, or an amount of time in seconds, or a mass in kilograms, or whatever it is supposed to be.  What is Dr. Stewart's Step 2? 

Draw a diagram
Jacob Buttrey

2) In Example 2, why doesn't Dr. Stewart use the Closed Interval Method to identify the location of the minimum value?  What does Dr. Stewart use instead?

2) because the domain of A is (0, infinity); he uses first derivative test for absolute extreme values
Elina Geut

3) In Example 5, Dr. Stewart solves for y by taking a root, but he does not mention the negative square root.  Why is the positive square root the correct one?

y is the y-coordinate of a point on a semicircle positioned above the x-axis.  All such y-values are non-negative.
Steve Elliott