Section 5.4.  Read the entire section.  Pay particular attention to the warning in red at the top of page 398, the Table of Indefinite Integrals on page 398, and the net change theorem on page 401.  Answer the following questions.  Send an e-mail with subject line MA251 to .

1) Finish the end of the sentence:  A definite integral . . . is a number, whereas an indefinite integral f(x) dx is a . . .

Function ( or family of functions)

Jacob Buttrey

2) Finish the sentence:  When we give a formula for a general indefinite integral, it is valid . . .

only on an interval
Archie Rich

3) The net change theorem is just FTC2 used for applications.  If we want to use the net change theorem to find the total DISTANCE traveled by an object when we know the velocity, v(t),  then we have to find the integral of what function?   

l v(t) l, the speed

Austin Gullet