Dr. S. K. Airee
Professor of Chemistry
The University of Tennessee at Martin
Martin, TN. 38238
Telephones: 731-587-7454(O), 731-587-2084(H), 731 -819- 8884 (C)


Dr. S. K. Airee  was born on November 12, 1934 at Hoshiarpur, Panjab, India. Received the schooling upto the Master's degree in Chemistry in the same town with diplomas for High School Matriculation, B.Sc. (Honours School) and M. Sc. (Honours School) from the Panjab University. He came to the United States of America in August 1958, and to Martin, Tennessee in December 1965. Since 1988 he has become the most senior member of the UTM chemistry faculty. He won the first ever Outstanding Advisor Award at UTM in 1987. He is a charter member of the Martin Kiwanis Club since 1968. He had 0.25 release time to serve as the Director of the University Museum 1984 - 2001.
Dr. Airee helped charter the Student Affiliates chapter of the American Chemical Society in 1971. The ACS Society Committee on Education has awarded the chapter under his faculty sponsorship: (a) four Commendable (top 6 -15%) and thirty-two Outstanding (top 2 - 5 %) ratings, (b) twenty-four ( most for any chapter) Innovative Activity Grants , (c) nine Student Affiliate-Community Interaction (CISA) grants, and (d) a grant to organize the Undergraduate Program at the joint SE and SW ACS regional meeting in Memphis. He has helped set an Endowment Fund for the UTM SAACS with a donation from the Monsanto Company to insure the continued success of the chapter. An 11-page article "Outstanding Student Affiliate Chapters Generate a Special Chemistry and Enhance Chemical Literacy" co-authored by him with two SAACS in the premier issue of the electronic journal The Chemical Educator ( sums up very well the philosophy and the history of UTM SAACS.
He was invited three times to Washington, DC. at ACS expense to participate in Faculty Advisor Workshops to help revitalize, advise, and evaluate the student affiliate program. In 1987, with partial support of UTM-FDG he spent four weeks in France, East and West Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden. Czechoslovakia, and Austria touring the science museums and laboratories related to the Nobel Prize Winning and other eminent chemists to study the history of chemistry. In 1992, he won an ACS competitive grant to participate in and present a paper at the 12th Biennial International Chemical Education Conference in Bangkok, Thailand. Besides the ten publications, he has made more than forty professional presentations.

YouTube of  Oct 8, 2011 Dedication :  At the University of Tennessee at Martin Homecoming on October 8, 2011 there was a dedication ceremony naming two benches and a lamp post along with an announcement of an Endowment for funding an S.K. and Shashi Airee Scholarship for a chemistry student residing in the University housing. See an article related to this event at the end of this web page.

Recent news-clipping highlight some of the honors that came his way in the last two years (2013-2015):

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Dr. S. K. Airee, professor of chemistry, was recognized as the 2014 Outreach Volunteer of the Year for the Kentucky Lake Section (KLS) of the American Chemical Society (ACS). Dr. Charles Baldwin, KLS councilor, presented Airee a plaque, a pen set and a citation letter from the chair of the Committee on Community Activities of ACS. The letter thanked Airee for the extraordinary volunteer service to KLS and for the continued dedication to ACS. Airee has been an ACS member for 56 years and a KLS member for 48 years. The photo was made by Dr. Bommanna Loganathan, the section chair, at the KLS monthly meeting Aug. 28 at the Murray State University Faculty Club.




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YouTube of  Oct 8, 2011 Dedication 
At the University of Tennessee at Martin Homecoming on October 8, 2011 there was a dedication ceremony naming two benches and a lamp post along with an announcement of an Endowment for funding an S.K. and Shashi Airee Scholarship for a chemistry student residing in the University housing.


Professional Organizations Affiliations

American Chemical Society: member since 1959; chairman of the Kentucky Lake Section, 1992: chair of the education committee and coordinator of the Chemistry Olympiad .for several years. Alternate Councilor of KLS-ACS 1996-98; Councilor 1999 - continued.
Tennessee Academy of Science: chairman of the chemistry section in 1969 and elected fellow of the Academy in 1971.
Sigma Xi: secretary in 1982-84 & president in 1994 of the UTM Sigma Xi Club.
Phi Kappa Phi.
Phi Lambda Upsilon
(Honorary Chemical Society).


Publications and Professional Presentations


"UT-Martin Students Affiliate with Green Chemistry," S. K. Airee & Micheal W. Fultz, IN CHEMISTRY 12(1), 18-19 (2002)

"A Scrapbook of the Innovative and Outreach Projects by UT-Martin SAACS," S. K. Airee IN CHEMISTRY 9(3), 22-24 (2000) inchemistry300.pdf

"Outstanding Student Affiliate Chapters Generate a Special Chemistry and Enhance Chemical Literacy," S. K. Airee, Richard H. Black III and Chablis P. Patrick, The Chemical Educator, Vol. 1, No. 1, 1-11 (1996) ( ) S 1430-4171(96) 01016-3

"Chemistry Badges and Affiliate," S. K. Airee, Chemunity News 3(2), 18 (1993)

"SAACS Area Collegiate Chemistry Meetings," S. K. Airee, IN CHEMISTRY 2(5), 3 & 17, 1992.

"Student Affiliates Reach Out With Doing Chemistry, " S. K. Airee and William B. Cate, the pHilter 22(3), 3-4, 1990.

"Indigo Entwines Antiquity, Serendipity, Economics, Politics and Interesting Chemistry," S. K. Airee, the pHilter 21(2), 18-23, 1989.

"Glucose Determinations and Vitamins C & E," Jay D. Hunt III, Lisa Murray & S. K. Airee, the pHilter 17, 12-13, 1984.

"High Score for the Science Bowl," S. K. Airee and D. S. Loebbaka, The Science Teacher 49(8), 38-39, 1982

"High School Science Bowl," S. K. Airee, Chemunity 2, 1 & 3, 1981.

"The Inactivation of Alcohol Dehydrogenase by X-Rays and the Dose - Modifying Effect of Some Added Substances," G. Gorin, M. Quintiliani and S. K. Airee, Radiation Research 32, 671-684, 1967

"Gas-Solid Adsorption Chromatography of Some Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Nitrogen Heterocycles, " L. H. Klemm and S. K. Airee, Journal of Chromatography 13, 40-47, 1964.

Presentations at the National & International Meetings:

"Green Chemistry and NCW Give UTM SAACS Outrecah Focus," Rebekah Kirkpatrick, Micheal W. Fultz, S. K. Airee, Chris Schmitt and Emili L. Reeves, presented at the 225th National Meeting of ACS in New Orleans, LA, March 22-27, 2003 (Poster CHED #1110)

"A Focus on the Role of Hydrogen Peroxide in Green Chemistry," Selena M. Parnell, Micheal W. Fultz and S. K. Airee presented at the 223rd National Meeting of ACS at Orlando, April 8, 2002 (Poster CHED # 987)

"Using Hydrogen Peroxide for Endospore Destruction Consistent with Green Chemistry," Christopher D. Marshall, S. K. Airee & Linda Husmann presented at the 223rd National Meeting of ACS at Orlando, April 8, 2002 (Poster IEC # 104)

"A Study of Hemoglobin Glycation," Jamie N. Bullington, Amanda B. Coke & S. K. Airee, presented at the 21st Annual undergraduate Research Conference at University of Memphis, TN on March 3, 2001 and at the 24th Annual Area collegiate Chemistry Meeting at Murray, KY on April 7, 2001

"Glycated Hemoglobin, Diabetes, Pyromenia and Kitchen Chemistry prode a Focus for UTM SAACS Activities," A. V. Coke, C. E. Myers, M. W. Fultz, S. M. Parnell presented at the 222nd National Meeting of ACS in Chicago, IL on August 27, 2001 (Poster # 269)

"SmartBoard technology hybridized with PowerPoint, Textbook CD and Handwritten Notes for Chemistry Lectures," S. K. Airee & T. W. Poyner, presented at the 22nd Annual Meeting of ACS in Chicago, IL August 30, 2001 (Paper # 439)

"A Study of the Mallard Reaction Products and Allergenic Properties of Roasted Peanuts," Amanda B. Coke, Richa Airee, S. K. Airee & Soheila Maleki presented by Coke at the ACS Pan American Conference in San Juan, Puertico Rico., June 29 -July 3, 2000

"Correlations between Aflatoxins, Allergens and Ingredients of Peanuts," Richa Airee, Amanda Coke, S. K. Airee & Soheila Maleki, 219th Annual Meeting of ACS in San Francisco, March 25-28,2000 (Abstract #848)

"A Focus on the Chemistry in Space," Jennifer R. Jenkins, Todd A. Morris & S. K. Airee, 218th National Meeting of ACS in New Orleans, August 20-23, 1999 (Poster #710)

"Maximizing the Use of Electronic Communication of Chemistry Activities," Erica R. Lawton & S. K. Airee, 217th National Meeting of ACS in Annaheim, March 20-23, 1999 (Abstract #710). Also made presentation for ChemDemo Exchange using household chemicals.

"Chemistry of Iodine for Pedagogic Demonstrations and a Focus on IDD Remediation," A.M. Timmerman, C.L. Holland, J.D. Watson, J.N. Slaughter, T.A. Morris and S. K. Airee. ChemDemo Exchange, 215th National Meeting of ACS in Dallas, March 30, 1998
'The Reaction of Nitric Oxide with Sulfhydryl Compounds," Richa Airee, Makiri Sei and S. K. Airee, 213th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, San Francisco, April 14, 1997 (Abstract #556)

"Factors Affecting the Quantum Yields in the Photochemistry of Bilirubin," Richa Airee and S. K. Airee, 211th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, New Orleans, March 1996 (Abstract #292)

"The SAACS Pilot Project , The College Chemistry Bowl, is now off the Ground," Richard H. Black, III, Jennifer L. Tyree, Gabriel E. Craig and S. K. Airee, 211th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, New Orleans, March 96 (Abstract #365)

"SAACS Pedagogy Through Professional Presentation Meetings and Academic Bowls," Joshua Crews, Richard Black, Gabriel Craig and S. K. Airee, 210th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Chicago, August 95 (Abstract #230)

"Outreach and IAG Projects Beget the UTM SAACS Their Outstanding Ratings," Gabriel E. Craig, Michael L. Mohler, Rebecca N. Brockwell and S. K. Airee, 207th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, San Diego, March 14, 1994 (Abstract # 135)

"Macintosh With and Without Interface with Videodisc Player for Use in Chemistry Lab, Homework and Lecture Demonstrations," S. K. Airee, 12th Biennial Conference on Chemical Education, U.C.-Davis, August 2-4, 1992

"Enhancing Chemistry Education with Extra-Curricular Activities and Computer Assisted Instruction," S. K. Airee, Twelfth International Conference on Chemical Education, Bangok, Thailand, December 17-21, 1992. (Abstract # D-16).

Presenations at Area Chemistry Meetings

( Note: ACCM is the acronym for Area Collegiate Chemistry Meeting)

"Building a Successful Student Affiliate Chapter," a one-hour workshop by S. K. Airee with help from SAACS Amanda Coke, Vivian Nguyen, Erica Lawton, Jennifer Johnson & Richa Airee at the 50th Annual Southeast Regional Meeting of ACS in Knoxville, Oct 16-17, 1999.

"A Novel Assay for Nitric Oxide and Pedagogic Demonstratins with Oxides of Nitrogen," Daniel Johnson, Richa Airee and S. K. Airee, 16th Annual Undergraduate Chemistry Research Conference, at the University of Memphis, March 2 , 1996.

"An Assay of Physioogically and Environmentally Important Player: Nitric Oxide," Richa Airee and S. K. Airee, 19th Annual ACCM, Martin, TN., APRIL 27, 1996.

"Photochemistry of Riboflavin and Bilirubin," Bethanie N. Delfunt, Richard H. Black , Richa Airee and S. K. Airee, 18th Annual ACCM, Murray, KY . April 8, 1995.

"Microchemistry with Silica Gel Beads, Pyromania with Soap Bubbles and a Combo-dem of Conductance/pH/Activity Series," Bethanie N. Delfunt, Joshua Crews, Jennifer Tyree and S. K. Airee, 26th Southeastern Regional Conference for Undergraduate Research, MTSU-Murfreesboro, March 26, 1994 (Abstract D5)

"Macintosh Interfaced with Video Disc Player in Chemistry Instruction," Anne Handley, Curtis L. Petty and S. k. Airee, 15th Annual ACCM, Martin, TN, April 25, 1992.

Articles in KIMAT-CHEMEX (Kentucky , lllinois, Missouri, Arkansas & Tennessee Chemistry Exchange) co-edited by Drs. Robert L. Smith and S. K. Airee, and cosponsored by Chemistry Departments of UTMartin, Murray State University, SEMO SU, SIU-Carbondale, UCA and Ky Lake & Southern Illinois Sections of ACS:

"Conductivity, pH, Hard Water and Stalagmites," S.K. Airee, 7(2), 2 ,1990

"An Indigo Perspective: Chemistry, History and the Blue Jean Economy," 7(1),13-16, 1989

"Chemical Aspects of Paper Preservation," S.K. Airee, 6(2), 18-23, 1988

"The MIC Primer: A Perspective on Methyl Isocyanate," S. K. Airee and James E. Gagen, 3(2), 3-5, 1985

Abstracts of Papers presented at the Tennessee Academy of Science Meetings:

"Preparation and Use of the Metal Ion and pH Indicating Silica Gel Beads," S. K. Airee, Joshua Crews, Rebecca Brockwell and Jennifer Tyree, J. Tenn. Acad. Science LXIX, 43, 1994.

"Heats of Combustion and Partial Molal Volumes of Solutions of Ethanol and Iso-octane or Heptane," S. Kk. Airee, Lanis B. Henry and Robb Mitchell, J. Tenn. Acad. Science 58, 8, 1983

"A Study of thePartial Molal Volumes in Selected Binary Systems," S. K. Airee and Paul T. Richardson, J. Tenn. Acad. Science 58, 8, 1983

"NMR and Related Studies of Octane Ethanol Solutions," S. K. Airee and T. R. Harrison, J. Tenn. Acad. Science 57, 8, 1982

"Mercapto Groups and Enzymatic Activity of 3 a-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase," Johnnie R. Roberts and S.K. Airee J. Tenn. Acad. Science L. 149 , 1975

"Reaction if Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase (Ps. testosteroni) with 5,5'-Dithiobis (2 Nitrobenzoic Acid) and Sodium Borohydride," S.K. Airee and J.M. Stsllings, J.of Tenn. Acad. Science, 45, 52, 1970.

"Reaction of 5,5'-Dithiobis (2-Nitrobenzoic Acid) with base and with Iodine," S.K. Airee O.E. Millner, and H. Hartwig, J. of Tenn. Acad, Science, 43, 46, 1968.

"Some Observations on the Sulfhydryl Reactivity and Enzymatic Activity if Yeast Alchol Dehydrogenase," S.K. Airee and G. Gorin," J. of Tenn. Acad. of Science, 42, 49, 1967.

Other Publications:

Co-edited 57 issues of the UTM SAACS Newsletter "The Condenser"

"Student Affiliates Turning Green With Chemistry," helped Randy Wedin write an article featuring UTM SAACS in CHEMISTRY, spring/summer 2002

Professional Presentations:

One Workshop for Southeastern Regional Meeting of ACS in Knoxville, TN

Three presentations for Annual Science Teachers Workshops sponsored by UTM School of Education .

Two presentations to the Science and Technology Symposia at SEMO, Cape Girardeau, MO.

Four presentations to the Kentucky Lake Section of ACS.

Three presentations for the County Science Fair groups.

Professional Activities:

Coordinated five Short-Term Student/Faculty Training programs to train UTM students in nuclear chemistry at Oak Ridge Associated Universities under sponsorship of US Department of Energy.

Participated in four two-week Faculty Workshops and Institutes sponsored by DOE at Argonne National Lab and at Oak Ridge.

Instructor for the NSF National Student Training Programs for five weeks twice.

Advisor for fourteen Innovative Activity Grants (IAG) awarded by the Education Committee of the ACS. This is far more grants for UTM than any other chapter in the nation.

Advisor for two Community Interaction Student Affiliate (CISA) Grants.

Advisor for a Student Mentor Program (SMP) for ACS Regional (SE-SW) Meeting Undergraduate Section.

Coordinated more than ten Area Collegiate Chemistry Meetings, fifteen high school science bowls, ten chemistry merit badge clinics for scouts, four National Chemistry Week activities, several science exhibits at the University Museum, Science Fair "Nuts and Bolts" Clinic.

Judge at the International Science and Technology Fair twice. Judged several County and Regional Science Fairs.

History of Chemistry European Tour for Weeks in 1987.

Organized and sponsor (for more than one-third of my biological existence and two-third of my professional life) UTM chapter of the Student affiliates of the American Chemical Society. The chapter has won four commendable and twenty-one outstanding ratings.

Grants and Awards:

Monsanto Company at St. Louis: $1,5000 donation and more than thirteen thousand dollars worth of glassware and equipment.

Faculty Development Grants: seven. The most recent "Faculty Multymedia Center Workshop" August 7-11, 2000. Learned SMARTBorad & BlackBoard.

American Chemical Society: More than ten thousand dollars for Innovative activities, Community Interaction-Student Affiliates projects, Student Mentor Program at ACS Regional Meeting, and for attending the International Conference on Chemical Education.

ACT National Academic Advisor's Association award, 1987

Region II Director's Award for Outstanding Service to the American Chemical Society as Outstanding Chapter Advisor for 16 years, 1994.

An article from the University of Tennessee at Martin CampusScene, Winter/Spring 2011