MARCH 26-31, 2004


The following summary is provided to help councilors report to their local sections and divisions actions of the ACS Board of Directors and Council at the 2004 spring national meetings.


Election Results

The Committee on Nominations and Elections presented to Council the following nominees for selection as candidates for President-Elect, 2005: Edward M. Eyring, F. Sherwood Rowland, Gary B. Schuster and Isiah M. Warner. By written ballot the Council selected F. Sherwood Rowland and Isiah M. Warner as candidates for 2005 President-Elect. They join E. Ann Nalley, who was certified as a petition candidate for 2005 President-Elect.

The Committee on Nominations and Elections presented Lawrence Barton and Connie J. Murphy to Council as candidates for election to the Committee on Committees (ConC) to fill a vacancy. The vacancy was created by the resignation of Nancy B. Jackson, who was elected to the Board of Directors as a Director-at-Large. By written ballot the Council elected Connie J. Murphy.

Candidates Roger A. Parker and John F. Riley were presented to Council for election to the Committee on Nominations and Elections (N&E). The election was to fill a vacancy on the committee that was created by the resignation of James W. Long. By written ballot the Council elected Roger A. Parker.

Registration Report

As of March 30, 2004, the ACS spring national meeting had attracted 14,141 registrants as follows: Regular attendees, 7,595; Students, 3,801; Guests, 467; and Exhibitors, 2,278.

2005 Member Dues

The Council VOTED to set the member dues for 2005 at the fully escalated rate of $123.00. Each year the Council approves member dues as authorized in the Bylaws.

Member Statistics

Membership in the American Chemical Society was 159,332 as of year-end 2003. This number represents a decline of 1% in the overall membership. However, the number of student members increased by 3.7% and the number of recent graduates increased by 50%.

Division Request and Action

The Council VOTED to formally dissolve, as of June 30, 2004, the probationary Division of Laboratory Automation. This action was taken at the request of the Division's leadership.

Petitions for Consideration

The Council received for consideration three petitions: Petition for Electronic Balloting; Petition to Change Division Annual Report Deadline; and Petition for Membership Requirements for Teachers. Action is expected on these petitions at the 2004 fall national meeting in Philadelphia.

Special Discussion Item

A special discussion item was put on the Council agenda for this meeting. ACS President Charles Casey and Board Chair James Burke briefed the Council on the status of partnership efforts between the American Chemical Society and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) and noted the implication of these efforts for ACS. Councilors then participated in a discussion of this issue. Currently the ACS and the AIChE are pursuing a programmatic alliance that will more fully serve the needs of their members and the chemical enterprise, while enhancing both organizations' abilities to achieve their missions. Consideration also is being given to a membership alliance that could include expanded opportunities for members to participate more fully in both organizations. The discussion at Council revealed strong support for moving forward with these initiatives and identified key factors for consideration.


ACS Awards

The Board of Directors VOTED to select recipients of the 2005 Priestley Medal, the 2005 Parsons Award and the 2005 Award for Volunteer Service to the ACS. The Priestley Medal recognizes distinguished services to chemistry; the Parsons Award recognizes a Society member's outstanding public service; and the Volunteer Service Award recognizes volunteer efforts of an ACS member who has significantly contributed to the goals and objectives of the Society. The names of award recipients will be announced after they have been notified.

The Board's Operational Policies and Procedures

The Board VOTED to approve a number of policies and procedures affecting communication, service on Board committees and task forces, and coordination of Board travel.

The Board VOTED to adopt a record retention policy for its records. This policy guides the Board on the retention and disposal of certain correspondence, memoranda and other documents.

The Society's Interactions with its Members

The Board VOTED to approve nominal cosponsorships of the American Oil Chemists Society Conference on Industrial Applications of Renewable Resources and the 2004 International Conference of Computational Methods in Science and Engineering as organized by the European Society of Computational Methods in Science and Engineering. The American Oil Chemists Society Conference will be held in Chicago, Illinois, October 11-14; and the International Conference of Computational Methods in Science and Engineering will be held in Attica, Greece, November 19-23. Both conferences should be of interest to our members.

The American Chemical Society was the lead organizer of the very successful December 2003 conference entitled, Frontiers of Chemical Science: Research and Education in the Middle East, held in Malta. Given the positive experience of the participants, the Committee on International Activities requested that the Board consider a second conference. The Board VOTED to approve Society sponsorship and involvement with a second international conference on research and education in the Middle East. The conference is expected to take place in 2005.

A Presidential Working Group on Leadership Development was charged with creating an effective and clearly articulated ACS leadership development plan. The Board VOTED to accept the Group's Leadership Development Plan & Final Report, and to establish a Board Leadership Development Oversight Group.

The Society's Staff

The Board received a report from the Executive Director on the overall activities of the Society and detailed reports of the activities of the Governing Boards for Publishing and Green Chemistry. The Governing Boards for Publishing and Green Chemistry are the management boards for these two activities and report directly to the Society's Board of Directors. Society financial performance was strong last year: For the first time in three years, the performance, including investment gains, resulted in an increase to unrestricted net assets.

The Board VOTED to approve a number of actions related to the compensation of Society staff, and follow-up methods for disclosure of how compensation is determined for Society Senior staff.

Journal Archive Policy

The Board VOTED to affirm the current journal archive policy. The current policy has several facets: It defines the years of the archive database and distinguishes it from a current subscription; it stipulates that institutions and members pay an annual fee for access to the archive; it sets prices for institutions based on size; and it sets prices for member access to the archives of individual journals.

A Society Public Outreach Project

In 2002, the Society embarked on a project with NOVA and other organizations for the development of a film biography recognizing the contributions of Percy Julian to the advancement of science. In anticipation of the 2005 release of this documentary, the Board VOTED to appoint a board task force to explore ways to organize and plan a prescreening event of the Julian Biography Project and to develop estimates as to cost, number and nature of guests, and type of program. The Board anticipates receiving a report from the task force at its June meeting.

Updating Society Regulations

An October 2000 Agreement of Transfer of Trust between the Attorney General of New York, Morgan Guaranty Trust Company and the American Chemical Society dissolved the Petroleum Research Fund Trust and transferred the assets to the Society to establish the ACS- Petroleum Research Fund (ACS-PRF) - an endowment with the same purpose as the trust. An important difference, however, is that the ACS-PRF uses a spending rate approach to determine the annual amount to be distributed for grant funding whereas the PRF Trust restricted distributions to actual income. The Board VOTED to approve revisions to the Board Regulations acknowledging the establishment of the ACS-PRF and providing authority for determination of the annual amount to be distributed from the ACS-PRF.

The Board also VOTED to approve a revision to the Founding Document for the National Chemistry Week (NCW) Endowment. This change transfers responsibility of the annual financial status review for the National Chemistry Week Endowment from the Council Committee on Local Section Activities to the Board Committee on Community Activities. The endowment is used to fund annual NCW activities.